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Activating the Christ Consciousness Grid

888 Portal of Christ Consciousness

888 Christ Consciousness Grid

On the 8 August 2006, we entered the "Lion's Gate";  a portal of consciousness that offers us infinite potential through every thought, word and deed.

Just a little over a month before, I began receiving the constant message "wired for sound", "wired for sound". I wasn't sure why I was receiving the message, except that I was spending much of my time "off the planet".  Energetically, I was like an empty shell and being guided not to do any energetic work such as healings etc. My chakras were feeling extra "wired" and it felt like I was a completely new Being not quite able to handle the densities of this planet. My frequency was through the roof and yet I was being instructed not to do any healing work. Had I even tried I knew I would probably fry myself with the intensity of Light that was pouring through my Body. 

I was tired, so tired just trying to get through the mundanities of human life, but I also knew it had something to do with the fact that I was about to qualify 4 more LUXOR Light teachers.  It was a long and arduous preparation energetically, because most of the work being done to me was not on this planet.

As the new teachers were being prepared to step up and into their new roles, I too was being prepared for my new role.

Sound Keys and Codes of Ascension

The Enoch Sound Keys work had been creeping in for some 2 years, slowly, but more and more obvious that this was the direction I would go.

The messages that were pouring through different channels at that time in relation to the 8.8.8 gateway, signified the energy of Higher Consciousness being at its most highest ever. 

The KEYS to ascension through the entity known to us as Lord Enoch channel through me in the language of Hibiru along with sounds from the Sirian Masters and messages through the energy of other Ascended Masters. So being "wired for sound" is something that has already happened to me, but I was being guided to pass on, that at that time of immense Light downpouring through the 888 gateway, we would receive brand new Keys that had never before been passed through to us in this time cycle. I was being wired for new sounds which had already presented during our LUXOR Light Teacher Retreat weekend.

Home of Christ Consciousness

Ancient Egypt always celebrated the flooding of the banks of the Nile around this same time frame each year as the Star Sirius sends forth its abundant rays of Christ Consciousness and infinite potential.

Sirius is the Home of Christ Consciousness and so the Lion's Gate portal opens wide every 8.8 (8 August) and the Light of Sirius floods our planet with the Magenta frequencies of Unconditiaon love and forgiveness.  LUXOR Light carries the frequencies of Sirius and so we find the energies are always massively activated at this time for a LUXOR Light Frequency carrier.

Awakening through the Sound Keys of Ascension
Within our cellular memories we hold all the sacredness of all the sacred sites on the planet.  At the time frame around 8.8.2006 (888), we had greater access to that sacredness and those memories, with the power of the Divine; the Purity of the Lord Sananda, our Cosmos Christ, Lord Metatron, the Keys through the Lord Enoch, the Sirian Master and the triple magenta frequency.  I was in a time to awaken and be "Wired for Sound" through infinite love as we activated the Christ Consciousness Grid.  These new light codes and keys made it possible for more people to awaken to the sound of Light carrying the feminine attributes of the Presence of God/God Self.  

This most powerful time, a time of awakening to the Highest aspect of Divinity within, allowed us to move forward on our paths of Ascension.  It awakened in many the gifts long held dormant and the access to awakening the new gifts that await.

The GateKeeper

LUXOR Light is a gatekeeper, and awakens Gatekeepers and when the floodgates fo Sirius are opened, the power of this frequency is amplified.

If you would like to receive your own personal Keys and Codes that are appropriate for you in any given time frame, please connect with me for a Skype Session or pre-recorded session

Infinite Blessings


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