Sunday, 1 January 2017

11:11 Gateway Meditation Retreat in Egypt

11:11 Gateway with LUXOR Light Ascension

Meditation Retreats in Egypt

For the last 10 years I've been offering meditation tours healing retreats in Luxor, Egypt.  Many of those who have attended have returned several times to repeat the experience.  They repeat it because each time they find a new piece of themselves and awakening to more of their True Divine Self.

Egypt is a magic place, a place where we can find the innocence within us that we had long forgotten and then it can also be a great test to us as we find the depths of our inner world surfacing to be healed.

Because my mission is Egypt and Egypt is my spiritual home, I am drawn back time and time again.  I've had 16 trips over the last 10 years and most of those trips were facilitating groups.  This year I have begun my dream of the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre.  I am so in awe of how it has all come about and I can't wait to share it all with those who make the decision to come on one of my group programs.

11:11 Gateway 

Our first program was scheduled for November 10,  doing some major activational work for the 11/11 Gateway.  The 11:11 holds a genetic code that resonates specifically with the Sacred Light languages that awakens us to our psychic and intuitive gifts helping us to remember our true self at our deepest level of the Soul.  November 2016 was an 11:11 Gateway all month and so the 11th added another depth to the power of this opportunity.  11th month + the year 2016 = 11 making the whole month an 11:11 Gateway. (For our next 11:11 Gateway Retreat on the Nile click here)

Come and Retreat with us on the Nile, to meditate, to receive the Healing Codes to awaken us to the Sacred Light Language imprinted in our DNA.  As a Sound Encoder and Decoder, this is my specialty and this will be the most powerful opportunity yet to awaken to these gifts.

Twin Flame Ascension Mission on the Nile

Come and join me on this amazing opportunity to raise your frequency, be immersed in the power and purpose of LUXOR Light Twin Flame Ascension Mission and bask in the Bliss on the majestic Nile, the Soul of Egypt.  Make the connection with your Twin Flame Frequency at the tenth dimension and let the journey into Union begin....

Twin Flame 11:11 Gateway and Meditation Retreat on the Nile

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