Sunday, 1 January 2017

111 the Power of Intention 2017

Seeds of Creation

Seeds of Creation 

We have arrived into 2017!

This year is a powerful year for new beginnings and of planting seeds for the years to come.  When we add the numbers in the you 2017 it becomes a 1, no matter how you do it.  I see it as a 19/10 year.  In the Tarot it relates to the Wheel of Fortune card, so we are being offered an opportunity for new beginnings that relate to a change in our fortune.  This is a brand new chapter for humanity, one that offers us a turn to a new more opportunistic directions.  It gives us great inner strength and urges us toward a path of purity and awakens us to our divinity.

The Ancients called it the number of surrender asking us to offer up all our intentions to the divine and to align with the Universal Life.

The 1 offers us new beginnings, while the 9 asks us to finish off.  We have just left a 9 year where it was important that we should leave all that no longer serves us behind.  And now we enter a 1 year of new beginnings and of sowing the seeds of our future.  But, this is not necessarily an easy vibration to work under.  We see lots of births, rebirths, new beginnings and we see lots of endings too.  There can be a struggle between letting go in readiness to fully embrace the new beginnings that are being offered to us.  So, if you relate it to the Wheel Fortune, you can see that nothing comes without a concerted effort toward the most positive.  We must always close doors before we can fully step into the new.  Let go and let God.

The 10 vibration embraces the energy of the God-Force, the Universal Consciousness of the Creator.
Embrace this year with the knowing that what we did not let go of in 2016, we still have time, but don't waste to much time.  The longer you hold on the harder it is to let it go and not only that, but if you do not let go, you will take what no longer serves you into the new cycle with the possibility of it lasting another 9 years!  Now, please, think about that!

111 Day of Intention

Today the 1 January, 2017 becomes a 111 day.  The triple 1's mean we are in a very powerful vibration that triggers our thoughts and our mind.  1's are of the mind, therefore, this is a very powerful day to set intentions for the year ahead.  It is a seed planting day!  Plant your seeds wisely!

When we add the whole day up we have 1+1+2+0+17=21/3

21 in the Tarot relate to the World card.  Today you are offered the World!  All that you have ever desired is here in your hands today!  You can be sure that what you are thinking today, is most likely going to come to fruition.  This is a time to celebrate.  You have come full circle and now you can start anew.  Success is yours, embrace it!

2+1=3 When we look at the 2 we see we have the energy of creation coming forth through the power of thought or intention with the 1 and together we find the most luminous path of the divine culminating in the 3 energy.  Today we have the opportunity to conquer our fears and in so doing you will illuminate your mind and step joyfully into our missions.  Seeds lead to growth which equals creation and from creation sprouts the power of purpose!

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