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Surrender and Manifest

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LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Retreat

Surrender and Manifest

What a crazy journey I travel! I never know what direction is going to be the one to play out, I move on the one that presents. Usually this takes me so far until when all opportunities and potentials are exhausted, it presents another path.
I/we have been walking toward the LUXOR Light Healing and retreat centre for many years with just the hint of its eventual happening. Many of you have been on this journey with me, watching and wondering how or if it would ever manifest.

This year has been crazy. I've travelled most of the year, I've had twists and turns all the way. I was thrown in the deep end with a twin flame connection that has had me trying to figure it all out, only to find the potential appears impossible. We moved towards the building of a home and centre, only to come up against too many impossibles. I faced the reflection in the mirror on a daily basis, throwing me too many walls. I surrendered to Spirit and said let the energetics sort it all out before I leave Egypt. And it did!  I meditated alongside every prayer call with the intention that the path become clear and that doors that needed to close should close and that doors that needed to open should open.  I had no expectation of what any of it was, I just wanted to return to Australia for Christmas free of all the push pull energies that made it hard for me to make clear decisions.   At the 11th hour, just 2 days before I was to leave Egypt, the tables turned and miracles happened.

Dreaming into Reality

I had to make a choice about what was right for the LUXOR Light path ahead. I committed once again to the path and not a relationship and the magic happened.  I chose God not Man.  This is something you will read about in my upcoming book "Birthing a New Reality", soon to go to be published.
I spent my days and nights committed to finishing my manuscript in between meditation.  I began at the beginning because I had not written for 2 years.  I read and edited as I went and just one week before leaving I finished the editing, only to also realise I had finished the manuscript!  Accomplishment.  Now all I have to do is final edits before it goes to the publishers.  I had surrendered and manifested what I thought was the one thing I really wanted for 2016, but there was more.

Surrender to the Journey

8 years ago I began to place the LUXOR Light energy into a place in Gabawy on the West Bank of Luxor near the Valley of the Kings. I lived there with my son, a friend, and my once-upon-a-time Egyptian husband. It was not the right time.  I let go and surrendered to the journey ahead.
Many years passed and the dream to have a healing and meditation retreat centre has always been there. And that place has sat waiting. Then, 2 days before I left I made an enquiry about it just to plant a seed that may grow into a potential in the months ahead. The next day that seed germinated and I signed a two year lease to begin the always meant to be LUXOR Light Retreat Centre!

Surrender and Receive

Surrender can take a very long time.  It took me 8 years to final surrender.  Surrender takes faith, hope, belief in the Self, remembering to surround yourself to the Grace of God.  Thy Will not my Will.  Surrender is the 7th step on the path of ascension or the spiritual path.  It relates to the crown chakra and to liberation.  
We retread our steps on our journey, retracing the cycle of the 7 many times.  I had been to Arunachala, which I haven't written about yet, but I will, please stay tuned for that; but I had been there for final surrender, not knowing what the gift at the end of this very spiritual year for me would be. Not even knowing that I was there to surrender.  I was simply following my inner guidance. 
Spiritual tests and surrender to God is easy for me, but embracing the physical and surpassing what it takes to live in the physical material world has not been not so easy.  Embracing that there is no separation between God and Materiality has not been easy for me.  I can assist you with all the spiritual you need, but while helping others with that, my own journey was to come to learn to be of the physical world.
On January 1 2017, I begin a new chapter with my temple manifest. Until then it is being prepared; 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 3 floors. 3 gardens including organic vegetable and herb garden, a lotus pond with LUXOR Light symbol crowning the water. A gardener, a cleaner and chef, workshop space, meditation and yoga areas inside and out and, a healing clinic!  My dream is the healing clinic; to teach, to work, but mostly to give back to the Egyptians, to have a free or by donation clinic to assist them, mostly the women and with the support of those who have faith in my in Egypt, the dream has become manifest.

The Flame of Freedom

I was once married to an Egyptian.  That was 10 years ago and for 6 years I have tried to release all cords and ties to that relationship.  It was not easy because it was a same soul connection.  This is one of the pieces to the puzzle I have been trying to figure out in relation to Twin Flame and soul mate relationships.  He was referred to as flame of my flame; a flame that came from my own flame ~  like the big candle in the church and the small candles that are lit from that same flame.  Disconnecting from this connection was long and hard, tumultuous even, but for many reasons and the benefit of the onward path of LUXOR Light it had to be done.   We had a contract that he was not prepared to let go of.  But, all of a sudden, he approached me and offered to cancel our contract, to set me free, to release me, because he knew it was holding me back with my work.  It took 5 days for this process to complete. The Five, the number of Freedom and expansion, and we sat with a cup of tea and burnt the contract papers.  And so, two flames created a third flame of creation and the doors were closed to one chapter and other doors opened.

From one Flame to Twin Flame

I connected with my twin flame this year but that path is still unfolding, and I have let go again, I have surrendered to the path. The Twin Flame serves the purpose to draw out of us any residual wounds.  Two flames in front of each other allow the rising of strength up out of areas of chaos that may reside within.  Sometimes we are so still, nothing seems to be able to phase us.  We feel we have arrived, but the twin flame will trigger within us the desire to rise again, to lift up and surge forward on our missions to be even greater and achieve for the greatness of all.  It is not fluff n stuff, it is a wild fire, coursing through our veins.  Through the power of the energy of the two flames comes voice, the voice of the body, the manifest spirit within.  The vibration roars like a volcano rising, rising rising upward to the seventh chakra and surrender takes place and the manifestation takes place.  The twin flames must rest, they must part, the mission for now is complete, until the next round............. 

I'm back in Australia, resting, rejuvenating, spending time with family, students and friends.  I'm available for healing, workshops and sittings before I return to Egypt in February, ready to go again....

From Ashram to Meditation Centre

ChristinA at the LUXOR Light Retreat Centre
From one mountain to another I went from Arunachal to Thebes, knowing I had to make the first connection before the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre could become manifest.  I did not know how it would all play out.... stay tuned for more...
I will be resident at the centre and be available for private ascension work, for workshops and for anchoring the ascension energies.  Once the energy is firmly anchored, I will be travelling a lot and so and it will also be available for other groups to use for their retreats: yoga, healing, mindfulness, so on. 
Please stay tuned or connect with me if you would like to hire the retreat centre. And stay tuned for my programs there very soon.
We have a lot of work to do and I am excited to meet with all the new and beautiful Souls who will be involved and coming on board soon xxx

Watch this magical space

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