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Deep Sleep Messenger

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Deep Sleep Healing

I've been busily editing my book, "Birthing a New Reality" and the energies are really starting to flow toward completion. Today I've worked through some really funny stages that have had me laughing so much at my own crazy story. I've moved through wow factors of energetic awakenings, to amazing synchronistic travel to hilarious Egyptian happenings, to starting on the first included meditation. The meditation was written as a global healing meditation after my return from my Divine Triangle journey of the Essenes. When I first delivered this meditation back in 2006, it awakened in me the sound Keys of Enoch. And, if I remember rightly it also awakened some hidden keys in at least one participant that was attending my class.
Anyway, today I was editing the meditation layout to suit the format of the book and the energy began buzzing through my body. I went to lay down and 4 hours later I awoke in a deep drug-like state, similar to my samadhi states of returning to nothingness. The energy was so intense, I found it hard to come back, to even want to come back. It would be easy to slip back into the depths of nothingness to receive more of whatever I was receiving. But, I had awoken and the best thing once awake, is to choose to be awake. Just like any spiritual awakening.
As I came out of it, I noticed my lungs just under the front of my rib cage were hurting. When I bend over it on both sides, left and right.

Lungs in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine they say the lung's task is of making a boundary between the inner and outer world, protecting and defining the person. It has to do with boundary, breath and renewal.
Beyond the physical, at the psychological level, the lung helps to give us a sense of personal boundary.
This enables us to know who we are in order to be able to establish clear relationships, allowing us to be open to receive good experiences and closing out the bad influences. It helps us to be able to say yes to what we want and no to what we don't want and be open to new ideas.
The lung is related to the father, whereas the spleen is related to the mother. Good fathering teaches us boundaries and teaches us how to healthily separate from the mother. So, the lung helps us with self esteem and having respect for ourself and others.
Simply put, the lungs are responsible for breathing in clean air and expelling the stale air, so they are responsible for the letting go of the old and bring in the new in the constant cycle of life.
On the emotional level, the lungs are to do with clear thinking and communication, being able to relax, let go and be happy. They are connected to grief and loneliness and having difficulty with embracing change. They are also to do with detachment and knowing when to let go of people, places, things, or experiences of the past. Not having enough "breath for life" can manifest as depression.
These are just some of the esoteric meanings of the lungs. Just like with my book, "Birthing a New Reality", where I share a complete journey of life through watching the signs the universe delivers to us to guide us onward, know I have to look at why I can feel the sensation of pain in my lungs.
Both lungs, left and right, the masculine and the feminine sides. The physical and the spiritual sides. Left is spiritual, feminine and of the past. The right side is masculine, physical and of the now or the future. I looked at what I was doing prior to going into this deep healing sleep. I was revising my journey through Israel and editing the meditation for the global healing with focus on Israel. I was also asking my higher Self for some answers in regards to some changes that were taking place in my own life. All of this will be to do with the reason I could feel the healing process manifesting through my body. Generally, understanding helps to shift the concepts that are held in the chakras quickly so we don`t have to manifest a full blown imbalance within our physical body.

Acknowledging the Lungs

I'm not going to "assume" or lay claims to anything, I'm simply acknowledging all of it and allowing the understanding to filter through my consciousness. I'm going to let go and allow for the changes to manifest be they for me or for somewhere else that my awareness had directed healing to. I acknowledge our "oneness" and give thanks that my body can express through it's true nature the very imbalances that lay either within my own subtle bodies or within the subtle bodies of our planet.
When I look back at the manifestational gifts that were given to me at the original time of bringing through this meditation, I acknowledge the intuitive reference to bringing through the healing codes. I'm going to use this opportunity to re-initiate the alchemical healing codes for the lungs.
My ability to be able to access the alchemical healing light codes and activate them through the voice, is a big part of my journey. I do offer this to anyone who wishes to receive healing light codes. This is done by voice via a Skype session and is purely by donation. If you would like to receive healing light codes for physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual body healing, please connect with me by return email and we can set up a skype session.
I hope this blog has helped you in some way, and until next time I send infinite blessings to you

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