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Ascending to the Fifth Dimension

Ascending to the 5th dimension

Dying to Ascend

Ascension is a process of dying.  Dying to the physical (third dimension) and shifting into the astral planes (fourth dimension) where we work to gain mastery over our emotional body and then dying to the astral and shifting into the mental plane arriving into the fifth dimension where we are to learn to gain mastery over our mental body/mind. 

The shift from the fourth dimension to the fifth dimension is most like what we call the “ascension” that all of humanity is to achieve in this time scale.  This is what is called “ascending with the physical body”; we don’t actually die a physical death but rather shed our attachment to our physical/material self as we raise in consciousness while still incarnate in our physical body.  It could be called “enlightened”, or at least a degree of enlightenment.  I’m always careful not to get too carried away with the terminology.

Being Born an Indigo Child

In previous lifetimes, if someone was to ascend to the fifth dimension they would have had to die to the physical body and reincarnate again, which is what we now call “Indigo” children.  It is important to note though that even if one is born an “indigo” child they are not necessarily “awake” at birth.  They will need to work through a phase of life experiences to see if they are can master the lessons they worked through in the previous incarnation before they actualise this degree of ascension. 

We are becoming what some call the New Human or Perfected Hu Man; hu meaning hue – all colour/all light having anchored the light body, Hu can also mean god-man because Hu is also the sound of God where in Ancient Egypt the gods sounded man into creation with the sound HU. 

We transition from the fourth dimension to the fifth dimension on the inner planes or through our chakras which govern our ladder of consciousness and it is a dissolving of the emotional body and we ascend into the mental body and take on our body of light - the “light body”.

As we move from a third dimensional level of consciousness, we die to the old self leaving behind your old beliefs and lessons and move into a higher state of consciousness in the fourth dimension where we begin a whole new set of lessons mostly emotional in nature.  It’s lighter in here but still quite dense with emotional sludge.  I call this the Old World and the fourth dimension being the transition stage between the Old World and the New World in the fifth dimension.

Dying to the Old Self

It’s often quite obvious this dying to the old self.  Of course the experience will be different for everyone but generally after you transition into the fourth dimension you can clearly notice the difference in yourself and you know you just do not resonate to some of the old ways you carried for so long.  You also find it hard to relate to those who still live according to those old rules and laws.

Generally speaking there is like a visitation period that happens repeatedly until finally you are able to reside in this new consciousness all the time.  You have to merge gently into this new body of light.  It often happens while you sleep, so naturally the time you have for this transition to take place will be different depending on your life circumstances.  I know for myself it happened over a period of years where I would go into these deep sleep states on a regular basis and they would last some 4-12 hours but and I would be forced out of them because I was a mother of teenagers and a toddler and I had to look after my kids an so I would be sent back time and time again until eventually the process was complete.  This sleep is not like a normal sleep and you will recognise it because you feel like you are drugged, or at least that is what it was like for me.  It can be almost like as if you are sleep walking until you just have to allow yourself to go into the sleep state and let the energy take over.  I read somewhere once, something that reminded me of this state I would go into and it was to do with the ancients going into an induced coma-like state that had a name but I can’t remember it.  It was like an induced death-sleep and they would wake some hundreds of years later if they passed the initiation.  The description felt very much like the drug-like sleep state I would go into. 

The Awakened State

After you transition from fourth dimension and are trying to take on the body of light in the fifth dimension you will notice more periods of “awake-state” where sleep just does not come at all, and so we have the opposite effect.  This could be said to be a practice for living permanently awake.  It is symbolic of course but the physical body does seem to mimic the state you are moving away from and moving into.  You go deep into sleep in order to pass through the abyss and toward the light at the end of the tunnel that “wakes” you up!  You will move in and out of these stages until you have fully merged with the light body and don’t have to revisit the sleeping state.  This has been my experience and it may be different for you.

It is unlikely you will transition and just arrive into the Body of Light full time, but rather visit and the more often you visit the longer you will sustain the higher state of the Higher Self.  It can take many years to complete the whole process and you will need to gain patience with yourself and move away from judgment for yourself and others.  Be the observer and learn from each challenge that is really only belonging to the initiation you are moving through.

Merging into the 5th Dimension

Fully emerging into the fifth dimension will bring even greater opportunity for rising into higher dimensional states of consciousness leaving the concept of separation behind.  There is no longer any real understanding of such a concept because you will have shed even your own identity and your concerns around it.  You will move into a state of what may appear to be forgetfulness but this is simply a sign that you are letting go of the old you.  You will become more and more detached as you allow this spiritual release that is setting your free and into liberation.  You will then feel totally free like you do not have a care in the world, you are now fully conscious that all is just as it should be, you have let go of the Old World and arrived  into the New World.

There is no more desire because desire belongs to the emotional fourth dimensional world on the astral plane.  You have come to a place of stillness, you have found your mountain, your cave and you have no desire to be in the hurried world but you are not phased if you do.  Life is timeless, unhurried and now and yet now is forever, there really is no separation.  It is as if you are living in the silence.  You are finally awake, fully conscious, you have passed through the darkened halls of fear and desire and attachment and arrived into a space that seems to stand still; you are here but you are there.  You could be standing in one place for an eon and you would not be disturbed.  Life has become like one constant meditation.  You are becoming less and less of the earthly nature caught up in the material world.  You have died and are reborn into a new body, a body of light and resurrected a new higher consciousness as your Higher Self.

The process doesn’t stop here, you continue to ascend into higher dimensions integrating greater aspects of the Higher Self and I guess we are all new travellers on this journey, pioneers of the path exploring the new realms while being anchored on the earth plane.  We are anchoring our Spiritual Selves on the earth plane, a brand new concept!  How exciting and we are all a part of it!

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