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Unconditional Love

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What is Unconditional Love

Do we really know what it means to love someone unconditionally? Have you ever really thought about it.  We've been talking a lot about twin flames lately and they are the perfect example of unconditional love or how to learn unconditional love.  We've read about how it is often very difficult for twin flames to come together and be in full union.  There is often something that holds them back from coming together.  It could be that they still have too much healing to do.  Either one partner is still carrying some karma that is causing a mirroring between the two flames that causes the flames to repel each other.  But when the karma is healed and usually twin flames will come together to bring up the very thing that needs healing, then true unconditional love can be fully understood,felt and experienced.

Often one twin or both twins need time apart for growth and healing.  They need space to find their own inner Self again without seeing the reflection of the outer self in another.  When the parting can happen with the knowing that it is for the divinely right reason and there is no attachment to having to be in a relationship, then we can say we have learned true unconditional love.

Sometimes twin flames meet when one partner is married, or there could be a great age difference or cultural complications that makes it difficult for there to be a relationship.  The love is felt just as strong, and the conflict of mirroring is also just as strong.  But there will be some karma that needs to be cleared within the individuals.  It is not necessarily dual karma, but it will be some deep healing that is held within the individuals that needs to be released.  The mirror of the flame allows for the wounds to surface to be healed and the lessons learned.  When the karma is understood and the lesson learned, there is no pain, there is only acceptance.  There is no attachment and no cording to feed from. There is unconditional acceptance that one or both individuals need to move in another direction for a time.

This is often the case in Karmic relationships too, but the difference with karmic relationships is when the karma  is complete, the two individuals having mutual respect for each other, move on in their lives but always remain friends.  There is no heartache, no broken hearts, there is completion. They may or may not see each other again.  With the twin flame connection however, they complete some karma or healing, they drift apart for growth and usually find each other again and so the cycle continues; healing and growth, healing and growth....

Different Worlds

Imagine two individuals coming together from two very different cultures.  One culture is still very 3D and the other comes from a place where they have had the opportunity to grow and evolve into a 5D consciousness.  3D is about learning to master physicality and materiality, find security and the 5th world is about learning to master the mind.  These are two very different worlds and only judgment will see one as wrong and the other as right.

Twin souls that come together are usually two individuals that have mastered a great deal of spiritual growth in previous lives.  Each individual chooses to incarnate in the place that is going to give them the greatest opportunity for growth.  A highly evolved soul may choose to incarnate into a 3rd Dimensional consciousness environment in order to face the great challenge of surpassing the tests again in the hardest of training grounds.  The other twin may incarnate in the higher world, not because they are any more evolved, but because that environment suits the mission they themselves have come to achieve.  Now, imagine the two twins, meet and one lives in the 3rd world and one comes from the 5th world.  The challenge for the 3rd world twin is to be able to see and remember their place in a higher consciousness and the challenge for the 5th world twin is to not judge the twin living in the 3rd world and hence learn the true meaning of unconditional love.  I'm bringing this up because many 5th world twins are meeting their twins in the 3rd world and having to face the challenges that a 3rd world twin lives in.  This is the perfect example of learning unconditional love.  To let go and let god or let the good happen without force, without control and without time limits.

Let's look at ascension.  

Most of humanity is ascending through the 4th Ray Path of finding Harmony through Conflict.  Look at our world.  There is so much conflict and how many of us have found the harmony within?  What is external is also internal, what is internal is also external.  As you see, so you are.  So, wherever we are on our path, we must find the harmony within.  When we meet our twin flame it gives us the perfect opportunity for even greater growth.  The twin flame mirror is even greater testing grounds. It is not about romantic notions of happily ever after, that is the path of the Soul Mate.  The Twin Souls come together to test each other; to drag out the demons, to reach deep into the core wounds and release them forever more.  They are tough on one another, not by choice but by their very existence as they face each other and stare at their own true reflection.  Where soul mates will lovingly guide each other forward the twin flame will show the tough love by causing the rising of any remaining karma or wounds that lay hidden deep within.  When one twin is more healed than the other, the test will be learning about true unconditional love and knowing how to manage twoing and froing.  To wait or to let go, to surrender to the journey ahead.  To know the other twin will come back when they have grown and to take the time to grow themselves into greater more unconditional loving beings.

Healing the Wounds

All of Humanity must heal their inner wounds.  All of Humanity is on the path of ascension, because we are all ascending.  Some of us, however, take the conscious path.  Consciously and actively inviting in the healing experiences, or consciously diving deep into the heart and allowing the spiritual heart to open and flower.

In the LUXOR Light Ascension program we use meditation to assist the diving deep within to reach in and expose the wounds for healing.   You don't have to wait for a twin flame to turn up to heal your wounds, you can take a conscious approach and heal them yourself.  Step into the ascension flame and heal at the level of Soul and beyond into the Infinite.  This is a mastery program, but you can take it one step at a time and stop any time you feel the healing is becoming too much.  You can step back in again when you feel ready.  If you choose to go all the way with this program you can align with the healing practitioner course also and assist others to heal at the highest of levels for ascension.

If the full Ascension program is too much for you, there are many other options to work with.  You can do a short Alchemy Waters program which shows you how to program your own transformational healing waters with the Light Codes that are my gift to Humanity.  This program you can work as many times as you like, just like the ascension program, but it is done by taking the essences instead of having to meditate.  

If you would like to know more on how to heal your life and step deeper into ascension, please contact me  and we can discuss if you would like to 
  • take part in one of the ascension programs or 
  • if you would like some spiritual guidance session one on one via skype.
  • receive personally recorded light codes
  • Recorded Master messages in the ancient languages of light
  • All of these assist you in healing and in receiving greater light codes for your transformational processes.
  • Healing sessions, in person or distant
I look forward to hearing from you
Infinite Blessings 

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