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Twin Flame 11:11 Finding the Answers

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Twin Flame 11:11 finding the answers

Harnessing Twin Flame Energies

If you set an intention you get what you want... or at least you get what you deserve! We set the intention to use the energies of the 11:11 to harness the purpose of Twin Flame Energies and embarked upon a Twin Flame Retreat onboard the Dahabieh on the Nile. (photos going on Facebook Here.)

Twin Flames come together to create a dynamic flame that acts as a catalyst for rising higher through ascension energies.

Everyone has a twin flame somewhere in some reality in some world; this one or another, but what I have been trying to understand is the complexities and true meaning of the twin flame. Is it the same as a twin soul and how different is it to the Soul Mate. You can read as much as you like, but you can only read another person's perspective. You can have channeled information but it can only come through the channel to the degree they are clear or they will allow or how they interpret it. In truth it is like anything, you have to experience it for yourself in order to understand it. All other perspectives can only give you another layer that may allow for deeper understanding within your own Self. I've done both; I've read and researched a lot and I have had multiple channeled perspectives through multiple channels to get a wide and varied set of ideas and then I have my own experience.

A World of Stories

Everyone wants to think they have the answer and they know exactly how it is, but you never know, how can you really ever know on this earthly plane where we live a series of multiple human stories, until one day we realise they are only stories and nothing matters anyway. We get caught up in the story and we forget the path that lies before us sits right here in our heart and we don't need to go anywhere, we don't need to find anyone. But, we are living in a world that is caught up in stories.

So, what do you do when you live in this world of stories? You have a choice, to find your true Self by focusing only on going within, or to live out the stories and have the experience and still find your True Self. And, then, when you understand and you find your true Self, you can decide if you want to experience a few more stories, but experience them with "awareness". Truth is it doesn't matter, what matters is with every story, you find a little more of your Self. The journey into ascension is forever, there is always more, but it's how we choose to experience it.

11:11 Twin Flame Experience

Learn and grow and in the learning and growing, have some fun, some pain, some love, some sadness, some grief, some, some, some..... So, this year for 11:11, we decided to learn about the twin flame concept through personal experience. No wishy washy romantic notions, let's get to the nitty gritty.

Now a twin flame experience can be experienced in any relationship. We are all flames of a flame, but, how intense our flame is to the degree we experience our own flame. And if another flame should come to you that is of the same intensity as your flame, then you can have a twin flame experience. Soul mates can become twin flames. If you don't like the concept that a soul mate can become like a twin flame then, think about this...

The Soul Family Unit

Within the family we have a mother, a father, and children. Sometimes there is a set of twins. In the soul group we have a main soul theme, this soul group in it's purity is both masculine and feminine. You could see that the soul group extends from a monad which can be seen as the mother and the father and the perfection of divine masculine and divine feminine and all souls within that soul group are the family; the kids. Each soul within that soul group splits into two representing the masculine and feminine aspects and they wander off into the world to experience. But every soul in that group are brothers and sisters and just like within every family no sibling is more important than another. Just because you have a twin does not mean you are more powerful than the rest of the kids in the family. The only difference is the combined energies can be stronger because there are two.

So, let's look at why I say any soul mate can become a twin flame. We are all flames and to be the dynamic power in our fullness we need our double. That means a flame that is equal to the one we carry. All siblings from any family have differing strengths and weaknesses, even twins can be of differing strengths and weaknesses. Some twins are one seed and identical and some twins are not and even the identical twins can have one stronger than the other, in fact it is usually so.

So, if you can be a twin but not be identical in strenght and weaknesses then you can have a twin flame that is also not identical and it's flame may not be your equal. You can also have a sibling in your family or a soul mate in your soul group whose flame is the same intensity as yours and yet it is not your twin, but it is your equal. To have a double it must equal you. It all comes down to how much work we have done on ourselves and how much we feed our flames.

Talking Twin Flames verses Twin Souls and Flame Sparks

You can only have one Twin Soul, that makes sense, but you can have multiply sparks of that twin soul.

Imagine your soul is a great flame. Sometimes flames jump from the main flame and they begin to light their own fire. Imagine a bush fire, like we have in Australia. There is a great bush fire on one side of the road and a spark flies off and sparks a flame on the opposite side of the road. This flame grows depending on the amount of fodder it has to catch light to. As it grows in intensity it can become the same size as the main flame that began the fire on the opposite side of the road. Then the flame intensifies and they begin to touch each other from opposite sides of the road and one heck of an enormous bush fire entails, engulfing everything in it's way. This is the purpose of the twin flame. To come together with the twin flame or a flame that is the same intensity from the same soul group carrying the same energy or even a spark from your own flame. It does not have to be the exact opposite half of the twin soul. This is why so many people can appear to have many twin flame connections. It is the flame that burns from your own flame, but only the one that can feed the flame to grow to the same intensity and meet with you in equality can help with the fueling of such great energies that will engulf others to cleanse and purify their way so they too can catch light and allow their flames to unite with all other flames in unification of purifying our world.

The Twin Flame Mission is to alight with all Flames to Cleanse the World of impurities.

Now imagine two individuals of the same energy that recognise each others energy. Imagine they come from the same soul group and they are both working their individual flame at the same intensity. They are soul mates who become the same as a twin flame connection. This is why no one really knows if they are with the twin soul or a flame of either side of those twin souls or a soul mate from the same soul group that have tended their individual flames to such an intensity that they can meet and complete the missions of a twin flame connection. The ego decides to stipulate rules and regulations.

This Brings me to Ego

The Soul is drawn naturally to the twin flame to recognise the connection, to see if the other side of the flame is ready to unite to initiate great catastrophic cleansing for the world. The ego however, wants to unite with the twin flame with very little understanding of the true meaning. "I must, I must, or else I'll bust".

We are each seeking our divine opposite, we always have been. But, in the seeking, the feeling of loneliness takes over. We feel lonely instead of recognising "aloneness" as being "all oneness". We are all one, there is no separation between flames or souls. It is our ego that chooses to think we have to be with the exact other side of the soul. Because, in truth the purpose of the twin flame is to learn unconditional love and being able to express that unconditionality to all. To be truly unconditional means that we grow enough to allow all souls, not just our own soul group or our twin flame or twin soul to be on their own journey so they can grow at their own pace. We focus on tending our own flame, we do not stop to wait for another's flame to meet our flame simply because we think we have to wait for them to ascend with us. This is judgement. Each individual tends their own flame and grows their own consciousness. Our Soul knows who is waiting and who is not; not the the ego.

In the family unit a set of twins may or not marry at the same time, may or may not work in the same job. A set of twins in a family unit are the same as a set of twin souls, they each need to learn their own individuality, but they are never truly separate. They love each other unconditionally and choose to allow their other half to live and grow.

True unconditional love means to let go and let God; to not be "attached" to any person, place or object.

The Every Flame Mission

The mission of every flame is to complete their mission. If your mission requires an equal flame of the same intensity to accomplish it, or you have accomplished your mission, which by the way should be your first and foremost focus, then a flame of the same intensity from your soul group will come to assist you both to complete it. The "relationship" under the guise of twin flame mission, is the ego's concept of knowing greater than the Self. The Self lies within the heart and goes nowhere and needs no other except the Self. When the Self is whole and unified, free and liberated, there is no need for a twin flame union, you already did it. You are the dual aspect of your whole Self, you are the twin flame burning brightly within, you are the Alpha and the Omega, divine masculine and divine feminine within each chakra. You are full consciousness, you have created the twin flame within your Self.

The rest is ego.

I would love to hear your feedback. I would also love to know if I push your buttons and if I do, take a look inside. Dive deep into your own heart and feel the loneliness and recongnise the "aloneness" and be at One.

Realise the Self because the search for the twin flame is the continual path of separation.

Infinite Blessings to you on your journey into Self

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