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LUXOR Light and Hikari Twin Flame Candles

LUXOR Light Twin Flame Candles

LUXOR Light Twin Flame Candles

Please meet our very beautiful new candle from the Hikari Candle creators.  This candle was created especially to help with the coming together of our LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Retreat Centre.  

Let's talk about the Candle

Our LUXOR Light Ascension Twin Flame candles... 

You can see in the photos that the wonderful creators of Hikari Candles have taken such special care to make sure every candle is poured with the energy of our LUXOR Light symbol infusing each candle and they each have two wicks depicting the Twin Flame energy that is initiated with the candle. 
The candle is pure soy with 100% pure frankincense essential oil which is our LUXOR Light signature oil.
Candles can be purchased through the Hikari Candles website and are a fund raising project to assist with the building of our LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre on the West Bank of Luxor, Egypt.

These candles are beautiful for everyone! Buy with a friend and save on freight costs by just sending to one address.
Please share this post with your friends also and share the love and help support the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre; a place of giving, a place of learning, a place of peace and a place to come in Unity with others.
Please follow the link to Hikari Candles for your LUXOR Light Ascension Twin Flame Candle here…/luxor-light-pure-frankinsenc…

What are twin flames about? 

Twin Flames are about divine mission and with a lot of twists and turns it was through the connection with my Twin Flame that the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre has come about.  Our Centre has a dual purpose, one as a Retreat Centre and the Healing Temple and Meditation Centre and what better way to activate the purpose of twins than to have a dual mission working through our Centre.

Our candles were birthed on the vibrational day of 999 - 9th September, 2016; a 9 day, 9 month and a 9 year!  The tripple 9's are all about Divine Mission.  

Order your Twin Flame Candles directly from the Hikari Candle Website Here

A Twin Flame Mission Awakens

It was during our last Twin Flame Nile Retreat that things began to be pushed forward so the mission could find it's rightful path and finally come together.  Just as I thought all was falling apart, it came together in a much more divinely right way.  And so on the 1 January 2017 we take over the building that will be the Home of our Centre and our mission begins.  A 111 vibration day, a day of powerful intentions coupled with the numerological day vibration of the 21/3.  This is the vibration the centre is born under, bringing in the energy that resonates with the World Card in the Tarot.  

"The World card is very much associated with the Wheel of Fortune, reflecting the cyclical progression of time and the human experience. The four figures (a lion, bull, cherub and eagle) represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. These are symbolic of the four elements, four suits of the Tarot, four compass points, four seasons, and the four corners of the universe. And all are within the dancer’s sight and power. The planetary ruler is Saturn, the symbol of time". (taken from  It is most certainly come the "time" for us to offer our Healing and Meditation Centre to the World...... please come and meet us.... 

Our Twin Flame Mission was awakened on our Twin Flame 11:11 Gateway Nile River Cruise.

Have and awesome day and check out our next Twin Flame journey on the Nile in November... more on that in my next post...

11.11 On the Nile check it out here 

Big beautiful bright blessings to you!

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