Wednesday, 28 September 2016

From Tiru to Luxor

Sunset on the Nile, Dahabehieh Cruise with ChristinA Ritchie

From Tiru to Luxor 

I'm in Tiruvanamalai in the South of India on the count down now with only about 10 days to go before I fly back to Egypt.  I will write about my journey here very soon so stay tuned for that but meanwhile I want to send out a reminder of our upcoming trip in Egypt.

We have 4 places left on our awesome Twin Flame November Nile Cruise. On this trip we are focusing on the Twin Flame connection because this part of this year is the most powerful time for bringing together the connections of the twin flame. This does not have to be a physical connection, but the connection may be meant to be on the spiritual levels which in turn allows us to move more fully into our joint missions. We will talk about how to make the connection and how to move into union with the twin flame be it on the spiritual or on the physical. What the twin flame connection/union is all about and the difference between karmic, soul mate and twin flames are and the significance of each. We will use powerful meditation processes to show you how to raise your frequencies in order to come closer to union. All of this and more along with visiting some of the most awesome temples that connect us with our chakras along the Nile. We will move deep within them on the trip down the Nile to Aswan and we will overlay the purpose with the Twin Flame energies.

I am in Union with my twin flame and I will talk about how fast it happens and how it happens. I will talk about how the mission that is the joint mission of the twin will just happen when the union is in place and how mine has simply taken off without even knowing or having time to consider it to happen. If you wish you will get to see the joint mission of myself and my twin flame in progress as we have begun to build a healing centre that has been my aim for a very long time... all of a sudden someone just handed the land to me on a plate and the rest is a story I will tell on the journey. I will share many stories of how the spiritual ascension path unfolds in the human existence... real stories and how you can clear the blockages to make your spiritual path unfold before you with relative ease and how to move into detachment and towards your own union with the Twin Flame. 

Sometimes it is a lonely journey; one where you have no idea what is happening to you, but when someone else has walked it and is willing to share that with you, it makes the penny drop, you understand what you are going through and you know where you are headed and the journey just becomes so much easier. 

Please connect with me to find out more, I love to share and I'd love to meet you and share this journey where magic always happens with you. 

Let's sail off into the sunset on the Nile together...

Please share my post with your friends because it might be just right for someone you know... thank you and infinite blessings on your journey... 

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