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Twin Flame Mission

Mud Bricks for the Healing Temple Project

Mission Unfolding

Over the last 10 years I have been travelling to Egypt with a mission unfolding.  Through mystery and intrigue, through joy and bliss, through heart ache and pain and through loss and grief, I have wandered back and forth to Egypt some 16 times and now my dream of having a Healing Centre and Meditation Retreat is finally unfolding.

My parents died around the same time as my youngest son grew up and no longer needed me and I realised that now was "my time".  I headed back to Egypt not knowing what awaited me; not knowing if Egypt was really on my agenda any more.  But, as it turns out each time I tried to leave Egypt after my planned one month visit, I would become very uneasy and so, I found I simply had to stay, so I did.  Once I made the decision to stay my work began to unfold in a new way and I could see the changes in direction being presented before me.  I stayed 3 months before I needed to return to Australia to take care of some personal things and as destiny would have it, my work unfolded again while in Australia in the way I had always envisioned it should be.

Staying True to Me

For 16 years I have worked consistently with my commitment toward my spiritual work; my service to humanity.  I won't say it has been an easy journey having very little money and bringing up 3 kids on my own for 10 years but it has been an awesome journey. In the last 6 years in order to continue with my commitment to my service to the Greater Good, I have lived without a home, with just my suitcase, my little car and my laptop and that's pretty much it.  I moved every 3 weeks between family, staying wherever I could and I did that for the most part of 4 years while looking after my Mum until she passed of lung cancer and then I moved in to look after my Dad full time until he passed.  I've not had a real home base for 6 years and in those 6 years I had only the odd day of wondering (and being a sooky la la) what I would do in years to come if things did not change. But, I would not and will not ever quit on my spiritual purpose and my commitment to my spiritual mission.  I have an incredible ability to make my life fit my circumstances or the other way around, I'm not quite sure which way it works.  But, I have found ways to continue my dream, stay on my mission and never ever quit my path.  There is something inside me that just keeps going, that just has to find another way and another way to be able to make a difference or to offer myself in service.  I don't know any other way to be and I want so much to show others how, with a little bit of creative thought, we can live on very little and we can have the most amazing lives filled with non-stop amazing moments; we just have to want it.

All Good things come to those who wait

Now, to the good bit.... yesterday I received a phone call from Egypt.  It's a long story and one I'm sure I will write in one of my books one day but right now the person prefers to be anonymous.  Some of my colleagues know who it is but for the most part he prefers to be anonymous.  So, Mr Anonymous rang me and asked me all sorts of questions about my next trip to Egypt and where I would stay and what my plans were and how I was going to manage to build my intended LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre.  I waffled on about trust and step by step and so forth and he then sent me a photo of what he had been doing for the last 3 weeks.

Now, to explain.... While I was in Egypt this last trip this man (Mr Anonymous) had offered me his land to build my centre on.  I shrugged the idea off because I always do things off my own back and I really didn't think anything of it, so, I let it go.  He seemed offended but showed me his land anyway and then because I wasn't interested he decided to sell.  Well, things are tough in Egypt and he has not had a buyer in the time he had expected and his business is not working at the moment until the tourists come back, so he's bored and wanted something to do.  He's a doer.  So, what he decided to do was start making mud bricks and placing them on his land with the intent if I was interested that he would start to build the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre!  It was to be a surprise for when I got back he told me, but he realised I thought he was ignoring me and so he had to let the cat out of the bag so I didn't rush off making plans elsewhere...... You can imagine, I was truly surprised, but the story does not finish there...

Double Trouble!

Over the years I have been told by different clairvoyant readers that a man would come into my life that was my double and when he did my work would take a turn for the better and I would never look back.  This man would be the same or similar energy to me, a very big energy and that I would need to take my time to get to know his energy.  I was told I knew him already, but I did not know who this man could possibly be; he was described to me, exactly what he looks like and yet I still did not recognise who he was.  "There will be something about your birthdays; they will be opposite in some way and together you will do great things and your true work will begin".

After I made the decision to stay in Egypt the uneasiness subsided and then the story began to unfold. Mr Anonymous' energy began to connect with mine and I did not understand why.  I had known him for 8 years but when he offered for me to build on his land to give me somewhere to live I did not "get it".  But slowly the penny began to drop.  I found out his birthday... I am a Pisces with a Taurean moon and he is a Taurean with a Pisces moon..........opposites!  I did his numerology.... His Life Lesson is my Destiny, His Life Lesson is my Destiny..... opposites!  His soul vibration is my soul vibration... same!  Oh dear!

He doesn't like his photo taken, but I snuck one and sent it to the reader who described him last year.  "Is this the man you saw coming into my life?".... yes!

When recognition started so did energy connections and my life began to get crazy.  He would get knocked out into a deep sleep whenever I was doing distant healing or meditating.  How, could this be?  I went seeking answers with many different clairvoyants only to find out he is my twin soul/flame.  I needed to hold myself stable so I could continue with my work, so I did a lot of research about twin flame connections and how to manage it.  He seemed to disappear and I wasn't hearing from him and communication was very little.... and then I found out why... he had been busy thinking and then busy making mud bricks to help bring my mission into being..... he said "if we are going to be in each others lives, we are going to do good things together"...... and so, it continues....

Twin Flame Mission

There is a purpose for twin flames and that purpose is for the Greater Good.  When their energy comes together it ignites a flame so intense that it powers others toward awakening.  Twin Flames generally have a mission of a higher purpose and so, I can now see that our purpose is to build the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre.  However, I cannot afford to buy land and he has land just sitting there waiting for me and offered it to me without conditions.  For the last three weeks, he has been busy making as many mud bricks as he can to get the ball rolling and making them himself to save money and cut costs as far as possible.  "It's hard work" he said, "I thought it would be easy, but it's not", but he is not stopping, he seems to have a drive that has appeared out of nowhere.  "It's for LUXOR Light" he told me, "I'll make it suitable for you to live and for your clients to stay too and you will be very pleased and we can continue with more later".

In previous years I have offered healing free of charge to Egyptians as a Volunteer Healing Clinic.  It was difficult because I had to visit their homes and so was not able to do many sessions in a day.  But now, I will have a clinic room for this purpose and my students will also get to take part in this most special part of my project.... I can't wait!

Double the Power

Since the recognition of my twin flame connection, my healing work has changed.  I work as if I am two people working equally with both sides of my body.  When I do healing work, my whole body has always been involved, because I channel energy through every part of my body and not just through my crown chakra.  But, now there is another element that works through me and I have noticed that I am aligning my clients in readiness for unification with the divine counterpart or to align them in a more unified way with their partners.  Clients partners are beginning to want to have healing or begin meditation after their partners have received healing.  There is a magic taking place that is different to before. 

LUXOR Light Healing Temple Project

In about another week or so, Mr Anonymous will be moving to the next stage, needing more supplies for more mud bricks and so, I need to raise funds to keep the project moving.  So, I have thought about how I could do that and decided that I would offer distant healing sessions at the discounted rate of $100 instead of the usual $111.  To make it even more special I have decided to record all names of those that choose to add energy to this project and when I return to Egypt I will collect a smooth desert stone for each person who has supported my work for this project and paint first names on the stones to be placed in the eventual healing gardens to always be a part of this most sacred of projects.  I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas of how I can creatively fund this project further.  Meanwhile all my work from this point forward will be focused on funding this project, so I really do thank you in advance for taking part in my programs, my healing work and whatever else I can find the time and energy to bring to you.  Please contact me here to arrange a Distant Visionary Healing with me for $100.

One on One Ascension Programs

I mentioned before about how my work is changing and so I want to mention those changes now.  In order for me to be of greater service to you, I am now offering my work as one on one programs.  I still do group work, but it is not always possible for you or even for me to meet specific time frames that suit everyone at the same time.  So, I decided to take the difficult out of it and offer my programs one on one.  That means you can choose to come and retreat in Egypt and take part in my programs personally at a time that suits both of us.  This will be so much easier to bring into being.  However, This option is available now, but not necessarily forever because it all depends on my availability as things start to get busy.  So, if you are interested please do connect with me soon.  I will be putting something together on my website at LUXOR Light Ascension to give you an idea of what it would cost you and the time frames you will need, so do stay tuned for that!

I can't wait to get started on your Visionary Healing Report and even more fun will be my trip to the desert to collect just the right stone to represent you in the healing garden!

To receive the $11 discount connect with me by email Here.  I need your full birth name and your birth date.  I need 20 clients to raise the money for next stage... are you one of the 20?

Let's get started!

Love and Bliss Bombs

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