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12:12 Gateway to Freedom

Aligning the Path with the Mind

When Dreams Talk

I wasn't dreaming, in fact I hadn't really slept all night.  Since receiving the news about the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre project beginning, I lay awake all night.  On the second night, I was not bothered by not sleeping but I was not awake enough to get up and do anything.  Eventually by 6am I must have drifted off into some sort of sleep wake state and I was conscious of the name being recited over and over in my mind "Ramana Marharshi, Ramana Marharshi, Ramana Marharshi........" until I awoke fully aware that I had been hearing Ramana Marharshi's name through my sleep.

Last August, Just after my Dad died in July of last year, Sri Ramana Marharshi started visiting my dreams on a regular basis and then I didn't see him again for a while.  He had come to me in a dream some time earlier with a cryptic image of his legs and his head and I felt I was being called to walking the mountain in Arunachala.  I didn't get there as I planned but now the call seems to be coming again.

12:12 Gateway to Freedom

On 12 August 2016 Ramana Marharshi's name is recited over and over in my sleep state and when I opened my phone at 12pm, Facebook showed me a memory from 12 August 2013, 3 years ago to the day of Ramana Marharshi.  I realised the date as being the 12 August and the last day of the Lion's Gate for 2016.  Once again I felt I was being asked to acknowledge Sri Ramana Marharshi at this 12:12 portal and maybe I am meant to visit Arunachala Mountain where he attained his enlightenment.

Say the name of the mountain slowly .... "Arunachala" ... and feel the energies shifting around you...........

Just 2 nights ago, I received a phone call from Egypt from someone I'm going to call Mr Anonymous because he prefers to remain that way.  He has an empty block of land overlooking the mountain of Thebes, but to be more precise it is in the location of Thoth Hill.  He has started making mud bricks in readiness to build me a small home, meditation room and healing clinic that will grow to become the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre.  This came as a complete surprise to me, but it has been my dream for many years to get this project started.  Now, he has taken the decision out of my hands and simply got the ball rolling using his own blood, sweat and tears to undertake something he has never done before.  Without conditions, he has somehow seen this higher purpose and is just getting on with it.

Fear of Falling

It didn't stop there.  The very next morning, I did have a dream.  I was on a moldered seat, like a chair lift with my ex-husband, father of my children, who has always appeared in my dreams as the strong male in my life, the protector, or overseer; someone who I can always count on.  There were no rails and no arm rests, nothing to hold on to and the seat was slippery like fibreglass and it was on a sharp angle as it was lifting upward up a mountain side.  I was scared, literally petrified I was going to fall off.  I've never been particularly good with heights and the feeling of this dream and the concern of "falling" was very strong.  I was so relieved when the alarm went off and I woke up and had not "fallen".    On waking, I felt again that it was to do with the next stage of my path and the unknown was a little nerve racking.

After my dream I received an email from someone in India who had stumbled upon my website and just happened to mention they were a devotee of Sri Ramana Marharshi.  Another synchronistic sign...but there is no such thing as synchronicity!

There just is.... are you listening?

Mission with the Mountains

I feel sure now, that I have to visit the Holy mountain of Arunachala before I set foot on the land of the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre.  So, this is my plan at this stage, but those who know me, know my plans can change at the drop of a hat as I follow the signs that lead me to the next step.  I don't follow a particular destination but rather a direction and I am always ready to make a quick turn.  September was to be the date that I would return to Egypt, but October is cooler and hopefully the project will be ready to move into.

September is a 33 numerology vibration for me personally and therefore I can see it is most definitely to do with my mission awakening.  I must be in Arunachala during September and then retreat to my Mountain Retreat in October 34/7.

Aligning the Path with the Mind

Thinking back to the image from my dreams last year with Ramana Marharshi's legs on one side of the page and the top of his head on the other, I hear "align the path and the mind" 

..... Ramana Marharshi teaches the Path of Self Realisation.... 

12:12 and the Gateway to Freedom and Liberation asks us to follow the path of the heart by aligning the heart with the mind.  

Let all fears go and glide gracefully up the mountain and do not fear falling lest you not climb at all!

The next stage of our paths (mission) post Lion's Gateway are opening "step by step" ... follow them one step at a time....  

I will go to the Holy Mountain of Arunachala and see what awaits..............what will you do?

Ramana Marharshi 

My post from 2013


Devotee: I am inclined to give up my job and remain always
with Sri Bhagavan.
Bhagavan: Bhagavan is always with you, in you. The Self in you
is Bhagavan. It is that you should realize.
D: But I feel the urge to give up all attachments and renounce
the world as a sannyasin.
B: Renunciation does not mean outward divestment of clothes
and so on or abandonment of home. True renunciation is
the renunciation of desires, passions and attachments.
D: But single-minded devotion to God may not be possible
unless one leaves the world.
B: No; one who truly renounces actually merges in the world and
expands his love to embrace the whole world. It would be
more correct to describe the attitude of the devotee as universal
love than as abandoning home to don the ochre robe.
D: At home the bonds of affection are too strong.
B: He who renounces when he is not yet ripe for it only creates
new bonds.
D: Is not renunciation the supreme means of breaking attachments?
B: It may be so for one whose mind is already free from
entanglements. But you have not grasped the deeper
import of renunciation: great souls who have abandoned
the life of the world have done so not out of aversion to
family life but because of their large-hearted and allembracing
love for all mankind and all creatures.
D: The family ties will have to go some time so why shouldn’t I
take the initiative and break them now so that my love
can be equal to all?
B: When you really feel that equal love for all, when your heart has
so expanded as to embrace the whole of creation, you will
certainly not feel like giving up this or that; you will simply
drop off from secular life as a ripe fruit does from the branch
of a tree. You will feel that the whole world is your home.

- Maharshi's Gospel

Thanks for following along
Infinite Blessings to you!

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