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Talking Twin Flames

Talking Twin Flames

Twin Flame Talk

Here we go again, talking twin flames.  Twin Flame talk is so fascinating, I'm sure we all think that and it really is a bit of a phenomena.  I'm finding this year people seem to be connecting with their twin flame or their divine counterpart that is here to assist them with greater growth toward their spiritual work.  Because I have connected with someone who appears to be my twin flame it has thrown me into a new desire to learn more about this very interesting phenomena.

To be honest, for me it's really has been a bit elusive; like, is this really real and how do you even know or care if it is a twin flame or a soul mate?  If we have met someone we have a strong connection with, then the truth should be that it doesn't matter if it is a twin flame or a soul mate. What matters is that you have been lucky enough to make that amazing connection.

Understanding Relationships

I've looked at my past relationships many times over the years trying to understand them and what they had come into my life to teach me.  I have no idea what my first relationship was but it went from 15-18 and I think it was more of a being in love with being in a relationship and when I think back, none of it felt nice, none of it!  What is that?  It must have been living something that was so not right for me, or maybe it was karmic.  Thankfully I finally came to my senses the moment we were to get engaged!  Whew!  Not long after that I met the man I would marry and have 3 beautiful children with.  We were together for 22 years but it was not a soul mate relationship, that was most definitely karmic and I always knew that.  I always said I had a feeling we had come together to make it or break it as I felt we had been together in many past lives.  Indeed we were not to "break it" but to fix it and bring it into exactly what it was meant to be.  We are still friends now after 16 years apart and we look out for each other and of course come together with the kids, for the kids and in fact even for each other.  All karma is cleared and we walk on still in each others lives honouring the choices made for ourselves.  This is what completed karmic relationships are like.  There is no animosity, no hard feelings and no desire to hurt the other.  All is complete and fine and dandy.

My next relationship was also karmic and it was on and off for 6 years until we completed all that we needed to complete from previous lifetimes.  I even saw those lifetimes and could see exactly how and why we had come together.  Finally that came to a close and I have never seen him since... now that is weird, I've not even bumped into him!  After that I met an Egyptian and I really did think this man was my twin flame... well I sort of did because at the same time I also met another man who lived and worked in the middle east that I connected with so strongly on the mental plane.  I could write a book (and indeed I am) on the crazy synchronicities with the Egyptian that went on and on and on for 8 years and the ability to communicate telepathically and feel everything he was doing.  I could feel it all so much it eventually nearly drove me insane as he played out some cruel betrayals that now I understand were simply pay back to me for our past life..  He went too far but I totally understand why he had to go so far!  I would never have let go if he hadn't done some of the things he did!  When I started my mission after birthing the LUXOR Light Ascension frequencies, I put it out there to meet my twin flame.  After all I thought, if I am working at such an intensity wouldn't that be the gift I should have?  To meet my twin flame.... well I thought I had met him and I thought I needed to hang on for grim death lest I not complete the mission we had come together to complete.  But, I hung on to my own detriment until I just could not hold on any longer and I had to admit defeat and let go!  It's a long story so, you will have to wait for the book... and it's not just any story, it's like a very very good story, one that is here to help assist others on their journey of ascension too!

Anyway, eventually I managed to get the other guy out of my head too... we only met for 2 cups of tea and it took me 9 years to him out of my system!  Crazy is as crazy does but this path of asking to meet the twin has been a very interesting path for me indeed!  Anyway, eventually all it took was to understand what we were supposed to come together to complete.  I had a past life reading and discovered what it was all about and in that incredible aha moment, I let go! I finally felt the peace of knowing it was not going to happen in this lifetime because he was not willing to and I indeed had grown enough to know that I did not need it anyway!  And peace reigned and I had let go of both around the same time just as they came in at the same time.... and peace it was and I was happy and I felt good and so it was.....

....and then when I least expected it, a new connection took me by surprise!  Someone I had known for 8 years and yet I had not recognised... someone I was not ready for... someone I had avoided eye contact with for 8 years suddenly started to creep into my field and I tried so hard to hold it out, to deny it, to have every excuse under the sun why it was not to be.... and then I began the journey of understanding what this crazy energetic connection was.  Why did I feel so nauseated every time I tried to pull away, why could I feel his every thought, why was I not able to sleep, why was he knocked out for 14 hours when I did distant healing on someone else and why did he suffer a pineal gland headache every time I did healing on someone..... and then I started to remember back to our first meeting and every meeting after that and then I started to approach clairvoyants... many of them... to see what they said about the connection and the common denominator was twin flame connection.

Twin Flames take you by Surprise!

Twin Flames don't play by the rules according to our egos!  "This could not be", I thought;  this was not in my game plan..... this appeared to be so un-real... and yet this man and his description had been told to me over the years by clairvoyants including the fact that I already knew him.  I had thought it was the one who worked in the Middle East as a strong clue to me was that there was something to do with our birthdays and opposites ... I was born on the 3.3 and he 6.6 and we carried the same life lesson... I thought this was the key.... however the man who is entering my life with the apparentness of my twin flame is a Taurus with a Pisces moon and I am a Pisces with a Taurus moon.  Numerologically his Life Lesson is my Destiny vibration and my Life Lesson is his Destiny vibration... we are exactly opposites and that is not all... we share the same soul vibration... now this was too much synchronicity for me to ignore and so I had to start to accept that indeed there were factors that were trying to show me that this connection was something other than someone I was simply attracted to.  I started to remember energetic connections that had happened 5 years previous between us and yet I had ignored them... and so I should as I was still getting over someone else and there must be nothing between the coming together in union with the twin flame.

I have been researching and gaining understanding both energetically and through others who have or are traversing this path.  I now want to share my story wherever it goes and so I will be writing subsequent blogs describing the different connections and relationships and how to make the most of the relationship you are in whatever classification it may come under.

Many years ago I asked to meet and connect with my twin flame and many years later after an amazing journey it is happening.  There is so much to tell, so much to share and so much to help you with in the understanding of how to be ready and what brings you there.  But, the most important thing to understand is that not everyone is going to be in physical connection with their twin flame and that doesn't matter because the connection with them happens on an energetic level anyway when you are ready and wherever you are.  You may both exist on different planets or one may simply reside in spirit to help to balance you out and make it an easier ride.  According to some writers, only 4 percent of people will re-unite physically with their twin flame.  It doesn't matter if this is true or not true, but what matters is that you "Love the One you are with" and continue to raise your frequency so you can meet and connect with your twin flame on the spiritual realms energetically.  What I encourage is to intend to be with your "ascending partner".  Now that could be your Twin Flame because the only reason to connect is to ascend together, but it could be your Divinely right partner that is also working toward the ascension and it doesn't have to be a twin flame.  The divinely right partner is the one you want to be with.

So I know of two maybe three of my partners who were karmic and one connection that I thought was my twin flame who was recognised by psychics as a flame of my flame (hence my confusion) and he and one other were described as made of the same stuff as me... as the same soul... so in truth, let all the desires go and just be with the one you are with because ultimately they are the one who is bringing you closer to God and closer to your ascension.

Twin Flame Higher Frequency Healing

Step by step I want to share with you how to make the most of the stage you are in and how to understand what it is all about.  If you feel you are ready to raise your frequency to another level then I also encourage you to consider taking part in the LUXOR Light Ascension Program which will help you to clear a whole lot of  heavy energy and prepare you for greater influxes of light no matter what stage you are at.  The LUXOR Light Ascension program is available online or in person with me while retreating in Egypt.  Yes, imagine that!  Connect with me here to find out more.

I can also assist you to understand your energy field while receiving a high frequency remote healing.  In these sessions my aim is to assist you to understand your own energy field and what is happening within your energetic field so you can take the appropriate measures to heal yourself.  I am gifted in being able to see what is happening in your energy bodies.  I can see what level of consciousness you are operating from and how you can raise that to the next level while also explaining to you what that means and how to understand it.

Since connecting with my Twin Flame in the physical, I can also see if you are already connected with your twin flame or if you are still working on receiving the balance of masculine and feminine.  I can see if you are ready to meet with your Divine Counterpart in the physical or spiritual.  I aim to coach you every step of the way depending on how long you decide to work along side me.  So, no matter what you decide to do, my aim is to walk along side you giving you a nudge here and there and helping you to understand your own self and your own energies.

Coming up on the Twin Flame Topics

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  • Soul Fragment Relationships
  • How to connect with the Twin Flame
  • Understanding the Dynamics of a Twin Flame Union
  • Communicating Telepathically with your Twin Flame
  • Healing in readiness for the Twin Flame Reunion
  • LUXOR Light Ascension and Twin Flames

LUXOR Light Ascension is a Twin Flame Awakening Process!

I made the merge and through that process guided by Spirit, I have a new program to assist you to do the same.  It took me just 2 months from the first meditation to come into Harmony with my Twin Flame.  I am now guided to share that process with you.

Until next time I'm wishing you awesomeness and infinite blessings of love and light.

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