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Healing Yourself

Healing yourself

You are the Healer

You know you are the healer, and, you know you heal yourself and what you should also know is that the healing is not always obvious.  I think it was Wayne Dwyer that once said "When you see it, you will believe it".  This is a most powerful truth and I'm asking you to ponder that for a moment before you read on.

So, having said that I want to re-iterate that the benefits of having a healing with an ascension healing facilitator are not always immediately obvious.  Sure, you feel the energy and you feel blissed out and in the moment you will think all your cares and worries have been washed away..... not necessarily so.  I would love to say they are and I would maybe even say it is "not so", but the reality is that we are all receiving healing to the degree that is appropriate for us in each moment.
I work as an "Ascension Healing Facilitator" and that means that it is more about the spiritual growth than what you can notice with the body.  Most definitely I work on people and they have physical relief from aches and pains and physical dis-ease may even heal faster, they may be able to walk again when pain was too severe and so on, but mostly the energy I facilitate works on other levels.
There is a reason why the physical body heals faster and that is because once the etheric field is strong and all chakras are balanced then the body can go into self-healing.  Please do remember that.  The body; that is your body, you, can go into "self healing".  It is you after all that does the healing and the healing facilitator is the one who assists you to bring through the energy that enables you to come into balance.  The rest is up to you.  If  you believe you are healed you will be, if you believe you need to place the accolades on the healing facilitator then you are in trouble and you will need to go back time and time again to receive relief.  But, you won't receive complete and true healing.
The healing facilitator is also only as good as they are a "pure and clear channel".  Look at your regular healing facilitator's life and how they live it.  Do they live in accordance with the truth they speak?  Do they have a clean and healthy lifestyle?  What comes out of their mouth?  I came across a passage somewhere once that said "Jesus said it does not matter what you put into your mouth but rather what comes out of your mouth that makes the difference".  Now we can read into this whatever works for us, but I see it that our words are truly what makes us.  As we think so we are, as we speak so we do.  Look at the words that you speak or write even.  If you find there is negativity in your words then take the responsible act to clean it up; it's not that hard.  But, in reality some people do not see this or are not ready to see this.  You must take responsibility for the healing that your receive.

Powerful Healing Facilitators

If you have found someone who can direct a really forceful healing energy that you feel "like wow" and you go back to them to get the buzz from that energy, you must also realise that if that person's life is not of what you would consider a high order, then they will be passing their negativity through the healing as well.  They need to be a clear channel for pure and clean energy and the only way someone can be a pure and clean channel for pure energy is if they work continuously on purifying their own life and energy field.  This only makes sense, so next time you are about to check in for a healing session ask yourself these questions...

  • What do I know about my healing facilitator?
  • How do they live their life?
  • Are they true to what they teach?
  • Do they help to empower me?
  • Am I looking for a miracle worker?
You know miracles can only happen if you are ready and willing to let go of the baggage and dross that created the imbalance in the first place.  Miracles are the work of your own divine self in acceptance that you are ready to believe in your own god self and ready to say goodbye for all time to that which was dragging you down.  It happens when you have learned the lesson that the illness or disability or issue has brought forth in your life to look at.  They work when you "get it".  When the energy is right and when you connect with the healer on the subconscious level, the healing will begin.

Story of Truth

Many years ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  I reached out to a well known healer and made an appointment.  My appointment was scheduled for about 4 weeks ahead.  In the meantime I had to have follow up testing and within three weeks I received a letter from my gynecologist saying that there were no cancerous or pre-cancerous cells in my cervix.  They had magically disappeared!  I asked if this had been known to happen before, to which she said no.  From the moment I had received the diagnosis I had immediately gone into action, working with affirmations, changing my diet, insisting this was not the journey I wanted to travel and so forth and I had made the appointment with the well know psychic surgeon healer.  From the moment that I had made that appointment I changed my thinking to one of I can do this, I can heal from this and I put into measure what I needed to do.  Something connected between me and the psychic surgeon on a subconscious level and by the time I got to have the healing with her I had already been given the all clear.  I went ahead with the scheduled healing and I felt a great and powerful group of masters come into the room on that day.  It was as if the door had opened and a crowd of people had entered.  The guidance that was given to me from that session was that I was being prepared to be a "Lightworker".  This was 20 years ago no and I did indeed step further into my powerful life as a Lightworker and Ascension Healing Facilitator.  I was gifted with the very powerful healing frequency that we call LUXOR Light.
Each of us has a path to tread and each of us must tread that path according to getting to know Thyself.  This includes all the people and experiences that we come into contact with.  But we must make it a conscious path.  We must take the step toward becoming a responsible participant in this walk through life and into ascension and ultimately enlightenment.
Next time you decide you would like to have a healing facilitator assist you in your healing, consider what it is that you are working on and consider if you think the facilitator you are going to is the right one for you.

A good healing facilitator with give you tools to work on yourself.  They will encourage you to be an active participant in your own healing, they may give you some homework to do and if they do, then you should do it!

So, I'm an ascension healing facilitator and I teach how to become an Ascension Healing Facilitator.  My expertise is in understanding energy and how it works in the bodies.  I try to help you understand the importance of keeping your etheric body/health body in tip top shape so you can keep your chakras balanced and not manifest physical dis-ease.   I work closely to help you clear the emotional body dross and help you to understand that.  That world is too heavy and in order to clear it you must be willing to look at your own part in that.  I do not magically wipe it away although you will be brought into balance so that you can face your own issues from a more detached manner.  I will assist you to understand that it is in the moments of stillness that the greatest healing can be achieved and eradicated for good.  And, yes if in that moment while you are on my healing table, something happens in your own consciousness, it most certainly can be that you have cleared that away for all time and you will be ready for the next phase of your growth.
I will also help you to understand how to clear the negative thinking held in the lower mental body.  And as above we also bring this clearance through during the healing session, so you are not plagued by the negative thinking patterns that can then create an emotional imbalance.

True story again

Prior to the above mentioned diagnosis I had received an analysis from an intuitive who told me I had an imbalance in my lower mental body and that I needed to heal it before I manifested a physical condition.  This was very early days for me and I thought she was telling me I was "mental" ! Anyway, she gave me a fast to do and I started my fast and had such terrible headaches I gave up after the first day.  Some years later, I was diagnosed with the cervical cancer and I then went back to see the intuitive.  She said "what did I tell you?"  I manifested it because I did not listen and I did not take positive action when action needed to be taken.  Needless to say, that is why I acted fast and so the rest is history....

You may even have blockages in the Higher Mental body.  This is the intuitive mind that allows us to be in touch with our higher self and our inspirational thoughts.  We work to clear away any blockages here and I help you to understand how to keep this pathway clear so you are not blocked in receiving higher guidance.

And of course no less, the healing of the spiritual body and with all the previous work in place you are able to continually raise your frequency so you can propel yourself higher into your spiritual body where ultimately you would wish to live all the time.  Here we may have some karma still residing that needs to be completed and we look at what is hanging around that no longer serves you so you can release that and move forward on your spiritual journey.  

This is not all that you will receive with an ascension healing but it is enough to talk about for now.  We work to open higher chakras, and help you to begin the learning journey of self healing and what that truly means.  What is important to know is that lives change and paths open up when you receive healing of this degree.  But it is still up to you!  You are the one who must be willing to face what opens before you when you receive healing.... oh one more thing...

I have witness this so I am speaking from my own experience of witnessing and in my own healing journey, so I shall share.  Firstly please take whatever resonates with you and leave the rest.  If it doesn't make sense to you now, it may in the future or just let it be.  This is your journey and you must follow your own understanding....

So, what I have come to understand throughout my 20 or so years of working with energy is that sometimes the healing sits in the outer realms of our auric field until we have cleared enough of the dross to allow it to come in.  So, having said that, if you are not noticing any benefits from receiving healing, maybe, just maybe it is because you need to clear the pathways so you can receive the higher degrees.  You see, you have to do the work, it's your path.  Ask yourself this question... do I want to be the master of my path or do I want to hand it over to someone else?  We all want to be the master of our own path, but sometimes we lay blame and judgement somewhere outside of ourselves and the healing really can never happen from there..............

Remember... .you will see the healing when you believe it with all your heart.....

If you would like to learn more please visit , I do one on one teacher-student retreats in Egypt where you have the opportunity to move into a new more powerful life.  Or you can study online with me also and you will receive all the guidance you need for as long as you need it.

Until next post, I wish you bundles of love and light and bucket loads of laughter

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