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Celebrate the Suffering

Pillar of Salt - Lot's Wife - Soddom and Gommorah

Ascension and the Fast Track to Chaos

The path to Ascension is not an easy ride, it does not happen over night and it cannot be wished into place. You must do the work and the greater path you seek you must expect to face the greater tests. Our lives are our mystery schools and we must face our life as if it is a school and every experience and every person is our teacher. We cannot avoid any of the tests along the way and we cannot expect anyone else to give us the key to the solution.
When we step onto a fast track path to mastery and ascension, we fast track into our chaos. Yes into the chaos. And if you are ready to face it, you will find the perfect opportunities to heal your life. You cannot have ascension and enlightenment without doing the work and healing your life/lives.
Baggage is carried with us from lifetime to lifetime and it is heavy and horrible and it hurts and it is hard to find our way through the quagmire of crap that we ourselves have created. We need to watch our words and watch our actions and not fall prey to victim.
Victims that are ready to move past the victim (and we have all been victim), must acknowledge that sometimes we do play victim and we must acknowledge every time we play victim. Take a long hard look at ourselves on a daily basis, become fully conscious. Please here this "become fully conscious". What does that mean?
To become fully conscious starts with being fully conscious about our own self; our own little self, our ego self, our victim self, our poor me self, our bully self, our every rotten self and be fully conscious of our good self without adding grandeur.
We are all born with gifts and abilities and we all choose how far we are going to travel along the path to ascension and every step, is important to the greater good, not just for ourselves but for "the greater good", for Humanity and the Whole. No one is above another when we truly recognise that we are all One. We are all in this together, each playing our role to the best ability that we can. We need not beat ourselves up or anyone else up when we don't meet the grade we set for ourselves, but we do need to recognise that we set that grade for ourselves and it is up to us to decide if we push on or if we take a break and have a rest.
Once we are on the path and the chaos hits us in the face, there is no turning back. I'm sorry, there is no turning back. There is no "I just want to nice comfortable life I had before". There is no turning back once you have stepped along the path to a certain degree, because if you try to turn back every door will be slammed in your face. Read the story of "Sodom and Gomorrah" and Lot's wife. You will be turned to stone until you wake up again. Do you want to be turned to stone (not literally of course) but you will be like a stunned stone, not knowing what to do. Your growth will halt and you won't be having a happy life a a great big stone, seeing out your life with "what on earth did I do wrong?" why is everything happening to me? It just won't work. You have to face the music and the music is you, not anyone else. The music you have to face is the music you carry within you. Is it heavy metal, is it sending you batty, is the music sweet and uplifting and feeling you with the drive to push through the quagmire? There is no turning back.... this is the path of the warrior of self.... are you a strong warrior who carries the banner of light for Light sake, for humanity sake for the better good or are you carrying another banner that is really about self. We are here for the better good, the greater good, but not for personal aggrandizement. We are here to suffer the self until the self suffers no more.
If you do not understand the suffering concept, just look at your life. We each suffer until the suffering is gone and the suffering is never gone until we reach total enlightenment. If we do not understand suffering, we will never know enlightenment. "We will never know enlightenment". We must know suffering, we must know separation, we must know loneliness, we must know all of it, but we must not suffer the suffering, we must acknowledge and celebrate the suffering, we must celebrate the loneliness, we must celebrate the fact that we now know what it is to be separate from God and when we truly know it we can return.  
There is no escape, pat your self on the back for travelling this far. Pat yourself on the back, have a cry if you need and feel it, really really feel it, then get back on the path and face the greatest challenge that is facing your right now and know that you can do it. You do not have any challenges in your life that you have not placed there yourself in order to meet the requirements it takes to reach the next level of your ascension path.
You put your hand up to incarnate at this time and that means you and everyone on the planet right now are here for a special mission.... everyone, even the not nice ones are hear to play out this mission. There is a war going on of good and bad, good verses evil, however you want to say it. And, everything that is going on out there is going on within you. Everything that you witness, every negative that you see or say is going on within you.
I asked someone dear to me the other day if they were angry with me because I felt there was a reason they were not communicating with me. They replied, "I am angry with myself". Now this is the truth, we are angry with ourselves, no matter who is pushing our buttons, no matter who or what is going wrong in our lives, it is all within ourself. The other half of me who gave this response is a living example of natural understanding of what it is to know true wisdom. We are angry with ourselves, it is not anything outside of ourself that can help us heal to the degree we need to heal. It is all within ourselves and we are all the same.

And how do we celebrate the suffering?

If you are feeling the suffering and you bring awareness to the suffering, you acknowledge that it is indeed suffering, it is indeed recognising the separateness from your own God Self, from the One then you can acknowledge that your self really does know suffering.  And every time you truly bring awareness to the suffering and place your consciousness into it, it will dissipate and you will be at one once again.  And every time you feel the separateness in whatever form it presents itself, you must do this, you must place your full awareness into it.  But, you must not use it to become the victim.  Please hear me... there is a difference; there is a difference.

Are you ready to "Step Up"

If you are one of those who wish to tread the conscious path and face the chaos head on, LUXOR Light Ascension can help you to clear the baggage and call forth whatever has been blocking you.  It's a conscious journey that you must be prepared to step into consciously and use the tools in a conscious manner.  Even if we take on a powerful program such as LUXOR Light Ascension, it is only as useful as you are prepared to make it.  It is you who must do the work.  It is not a gentle meditation program unless that is all you intend it to be.  It will fast track you if you are willing to be fast tracked and willing to face your life, your issues and step closer to ascension and enlightenment.  
Til next post, I wish you bundles of love and laughter on the journey

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