Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Awakening to the Twin Flame

Twin Flame Union

Twin Flame Phenomena

There is a strange phenomena going on at the moment. It appears this is indeed the time for Twin Flames to re-unite. I am personally working a 24/6 vibration this year numerologically. The 24/6 in the Tarot is the card of the Lovers. Now my life has always worked true to the energies of the numerology and in true form, from almost directly on my birthday I was re-united with my Twin Flame. Of course I did not recognise it directly, the only thing I recognised was the attraction that I have had for this person for some years, but I kept it under wraps and in total denial.

I think it is important for those who have met their twin to have somewhere to come to read about other Twin Flame experiences and perceptions. It is definitely not an easy ride and I have found the best way to handle it is to "study" it. Yes, study this crazy phenomena we call the Twin Flame Union. In understanding we gain wisdom and the keys to be able to manage whatever it is we are dealing with . The Twin Flame phenomena is no different and in fact may just be the trickiest thing we are ever going to deal with. I've never been shy to share my experiences so I'm not going to stop now. I believe my journey is one of sharing in order to help others; it's part of the mission so to speak. So, I do hope I can help you if you have stumbled upon my site... so please join me..

The Runner

I was the runner from day one and I ran from way back in 2010. I did not recognise the connection and I was also still completing a karmic/soul mate contract. I did not know then that I was running of course and it is only on looking back now that I can acknowledge the connection that had already taken place. It touched me again in 2014 and again I ignored it because there were still threads of my previous relationship that needed to be completely eradicated from my energy field before any true twin flame union could take place. And again I was the runner when it came hurtling back at me this year and I tried so hard to run for all the sorts of reasons that fit only in the 3D world. But every time I tried to run I was hit with an intense feeling of nausea so big I spent my days wanting to vomit. Only on acknowledging that the running was making me sick did I try to deal with it; tried to embrace it. But, on finally acknowledge the connection I am now coming to grips with it .... but now He is the Runner!.... haha so much fun... not!

Focus on the Mission

I am finding my strength by reading the articles from other Twin Flames and it keeps me focused away from 3D perceptions and relationship agendas and reminds me that there is a mission to accomplish and that is the only focus I am giving it. My twin does not have the same understanding around it as I do, so the journey is not going to be easy, but I'm ok with that. This is a challenge and I like challenges! Oh dear! Why oh why? I am learning patience like never before and totally embracing the feeling of separation because after all that is what the Twin Flame union teaches us. I totally acknowledge the feeling of separation, I know separation and in knowing separation I can then completely know Unity and Oneness and Enlightenment. Until we finally embrace the deep seated loneliness within us and the wisdom learned from the journey of separation can we truly return Home.
It doesn't matter how spiritually evolved we are; when we meet our Twin it is still going to test us and it is up to us to give absolute conscious awareness to every feeling, thought and energetic experience. In so doing, we learn who we truly are.

I think it is important for people to understand the importance though of the Soul Mate and Karmic relationships. We must have all of them and we must complete all of them and not run away from them in order to be with the Twin Flame. The twin will always be there; this is what the term "What God has brought together, let no man take asunder" means. But we must always remember, the most important thing is to complete the contracts(other relationships) that give us the strength to move into the Twin Flame Union in order to fulfill our mission on Earth. I'm not going to use the term "relationship" for the Twin Flame because it is not about the romantic relationship, it is about "the mission".

Raising your Frequency

If you are not yet on your mission then you are not yet ready for your Twin Flame Union, so take your focus away from seeking your Twin Flame and place it on healing your life, raising your frequency and seeking your mission. You cannot skip any steps as you must take every step along the way and complete each step to be sure you do not leave anything unfinished. Meanwhile, if you are not ready for a "Fast Track Frequency Raising Program", then I recommend you work daily with the Violet Flame

Affirm "I invoke the violet flame, I am the violet fire, I am the purity of God's desire". Let this be your daily mantra and when you are ready to step further forward come and join the LUXOR Light Ascension program. This fast track ascension program was Divinely Inspired for the purpose of raising your frequency and ultimately leading you toward your mission. On finding your mission you also find your Twin Flame. It is not just any program as contained within it are sacred codes of wisdom and a specific frequency that passes through my voice. It is an initiation program that enables you to become a carrier of this specific frequency that enables the mission of the Twin and awakening others.

Heal and Learn about your own Energy Field

I can also help you to raise your frequency and learn about your energy field at the same time by distant healing and visionary work. In these sessions, you not only get healing, but you also get guidance and insights and tools to help you learn about your own energy field.
You become the master of your own energy as you step by step, through your own experience learn about yourself on every level.

Merging of the Twin Souls

Latest Update!

I made the harmonic merge with my twin soul!
After 2 years of dancing and only 2 months of working with a system Spirit downloaded to me, we have made the full merge and harmony reins...
I am guided by Spirit to share the process with you....

Love and Infinite Blessings

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