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Thoth, God of Healing, Magic and Writing

Thoth, God of  Healing, Magic and Writing

Thoth, God of Healing, Magic and Writing

Oh Wow! Now, I did not know of this little temple hidden away just a stroll away from Habu Temple. I have to thank my clients for sending me on a mission. Last night I thought I was going to Seti I Temple but this morning it was clear I needed to find Thoth for my next client and lo and behold the skies opened and the moon blessed me with the god of the moon Thoth himself in a little temple so quiet and serene. 

My client is a writer so what better place could I choose.... ask and you shall receive... 

Thoth God of Magic

Thoth God of Magic
Once again the temple was closed but that was no problem, my trusty driver Sayedluxor Deserttours waved his own magic and the doors were opened for us and my time was so bliss filled... 

I did not want to leave this little temple. After my meditation and when I went to leave I just kept going back in, back to the centre of each doorway for one more connection...

This litte temple has 3 halls, the first is plan without any reliefs on the walls, the second is the offerings room with lightly decorated reliefs and the third hall is the Holy of Holies, the most sacred room of the temple.

Whatever the real purpose of this temple,today it represented healing for body, mind and spirit and if you allow yourself to open to this intention, I'm sure you will receive the healing you need in this now moment also.

This temple dedicated to Thoth filled me with a great heart opening and a very beautiful energy of love.

Healing with Thoth

Floor plan of the Temple of Thoth

We walk up through the layers of the temple to the Holy Of Holies and back down again bringing new energy and regeneration through all the bodies....

I suggest we intend to utilise the temple in this way...

Room one representing the physical body

Room two, the emotional body.  This room was devoid of images.  We could say this is bringing us the healed emotional body.

The third room we are suggesting represent the Mental Body / Intuition and messages received.

The final room is the Holy of Holies room which is representing the Spiritual World.

On the way out I walked around the circumference of the temple in a clockwise manner with intention of healing to the physical external world and then around the temple again in the anti clockwise manner to allow for expansion of consciousness .....

Connect with the consciousness of Thoth and allow the magic to happen.... 

Enjoy the beautiful energy of this lovely little temple!

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