Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Valley of the Monkeys Sacred Site Healing

Valley of the Monkeys

Healing at Valley of the Monkeys

Today was another assignment for Sacred Site Healing Session for one of my clients at Valley of the Monkeys on West Bank at Valley of the Kings.

The reason for going to a tomb and not a temple is simple. The Tomb represents letting go of the old body, the unhealed aspects of ourselves.

As we go down into the tomb we are are going down deep within ourselves into the depths that need healing. 

As you view the photos going down into the tomb close your eyes and allow yourself to go deep within your self and allow whatever needs to be revealed be revealed. Let the tears come and bring awareness to letting the old go in readiness for the new life. 

Photos inside the tomb are not allowed so this part is private just like that inside of you is also private. But I can describe part of the process.

Inside the tomb there is a great sarcophagus of which I placed my hands upon to give and to receive the healling energy. These healings are two and three fold. They are for the individual who assigns me to a healing purpose for them. they are also for whoever else is ready to receive, myself included and they are for the Greater Good. We are all one and as each of us heal a part of ourselves, so does this healing bring healing to others also.

The energy immediately rose up through my legs and my legs shook for some 20 minutes of time within the tomb as the energy coursed through my body lifting energy upward like the rising kundalini bringing greater spiritual energy to the individual. 

Preparation for New Life

We are deep under the earth likened to the underworld in preparation for the afterlife. Symbolically preparing for new life. The process completes with visions and images in my minds eye relevant to the individual and then we walk back up the 28 steps as counted by Sayedluxor Deserttours my driver. 28 brings new life, abundant opportunity to create from the healed aspects of self attracting to us the perfect opportunities for further growth, healing and learning.

Akhenaton's Tomb

Tomb of Amenhotep III
I sat outside Akhenaton's tomb not yet open, connecting also with the wisdom and healing that may wish to come from the learning of what it is to go deep within ourselves. 
And then to my final destination in this beautiful Western Valley of the Kings. To KV22 tomb of Amenhotep III earthly incarnation of Ascended Master Serapis Bey and father of Akhenaton. Further meditation and connection.....

Jameela Moort

Jameela Janaza  "so so much more than beautiful"....

I feel a lot of love in this area because I see death as a beautiful thing and the learning and wisdom that comes from it also. We die to the old every day of our lives if we allow it. We die and we are reborn every morning and it is up to us to create from that rebirth all that is to follow. If we can be conscious of our death every night and our rebirth every morning our awakenings will become more and more beautiful.

Family Unit

The Western Valley to me is all about family; spiritual family.  

The first tomb we come to is KV22 which belonging to Amenhotep III, father of Akhenaton which is not far from his father and another tomb being excavated near Akhenaten's which they think may belong to a child of Akhenaten.  Somewhere around the back they are working on another that I think they said may be Amenhotep II, great grandfather of Akhenaten and the tomb of Ay is said to have been originally intended for Tutankhamen.  Tutankhamen died young and the tomb was not ready so he was taken to a small tomb in the main part of the Valley of the Kings.  

Ay was a part of the extended family being brother to Akhenaten's main wife Queen Tiye. So, it seems the family are all together...

In the coming together in life we come together in death .....we die as we live.... and the cycles continue

Some people do not wish to visit the tombs, but if you can see the symbology of our daily dying and the beauty in that and the everlasting growth as we are reborn with each awakening every morning, you will see the tombs in a different light. 

When you visit, your love, your awareness will linger and touch others and the gift of awakening will be held within these magnificant rocks of the Valley.

Goodbye to the Valley of the Monkeys

How I love the Western Valley, Valley of the Monkeys.... I say goodbye and then... 

there was new life and more growth.... new light, life and loves .... 

Thank you Sayedluxor Deserttours for your patience and respect for my work...


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