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Sacred Sites Visionary Healing with ChristinA

Sacred Site Healing with ChristinA

Sacred Site Healing Luxor

The next week or so I am committed to the final distant Sacred Site healing work in and around Luxor.   

Winding down in Luxor

My time in Luxor is winding down, but I still don't know how long I will be here, I am simply making my decisions in the moment when absolute direction opens up for me.  I'm heading to India and Crete soon but have not made decisions as to which one comes first nor when... it could be in as little as two weeks!  

Yes it could!

Aligning with Temple of Luxor Ascension Codes

So, I have a few slots open for Sacred Site Visionary Healings left in the next week so if you would like one please do jump in now and grab your opportunity!  This link will take you directly to the page for more info  

Connect to the Sacred Sites and Past Lives

I connect you to the sacred site and usually the appropriate visions for you come through including codes that are specific for you.  

If you have had past lives at a place, say Egypt where I am now, then it is often times that a very powerful process begins to unfold.  But, even if you have not been here, there is still healing and upgrades to be received.  It just so happens that those who have had past life experiences in the location, a very powerful process begins to unfold; especially here in Luxor because it is the "Ascension Temple" of Serapis Bey that is located above the physical in the etheric of Luxor Temple.  In the book Dossier on Ascension Serapis says "every soul must pass through Luxor whethr in spirit or in the physical".

Power of Luxor

There is a power in Luxor that awakens you to another level if you are ready.  Those that have been here can attest to that.  Couple that power with the power of LUXOR Light healing frequencies and you are in for "something else".

My gift is being able to align you to specific sites and to pass on the specific codes and keys of that place for you.

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As soon as I heard your voice I was there with you. I was overcome with emotion I was ready to burst. The tears flowed & I was full of gratitude & humbleness. The vision of Alexander The Great bought me full of remembrance & great pride & I thank you for I often feel a protector of LUXOR Light & it's sacredness in my life. As soon as I connected with my breath I felt such pressure in brow/ eye area a great weight and tears flowed. Sitting in stillness in the sacred temple space as codes & keys activated. I was given answer to my next home.
I will listen to healing again & again as long as I am guided to do so, so the energies are fully embraced.
I thank you for my healing yesterday it was amazing & I totally connected with the energy when I went to bed & I slept so soundly & restfully & when I woke I felt so peaceful. Thank you ChristinA
I feel very floaty at the moment after listening to my healing so I think I will go and lie down & let it continue.
I have to say that a healing I had with you a couple of years ago bought up the energy of 24/6 and back then it was about holding the balance of male / female energy. It must have been significant for me as I have never forgotten it. Also the 24/6 has great significance in my life since my mother had passed away as it was her life path & I have had a few significant moment when the number 24 shows us as a message for me from mum letting me know she is still with me & just saying hi & I love you
So thank you ChristinA & Luxor Light for giving me such a gift on your Birthdays " - Nae.  South Australia.

and another..

"I  asked Christina to do my healing in the small temple of Isis on the West Bank in Luxor.  I visited this temple in in Novemember 2015 for the first time and I felt so familiar, so strongly penetratrating energies.  She agreed to do the healing there today, on March 2nd 2016.  I felt already yesterday that it was going to be a special day, there was something promising and liberating permeating me  During the morning, when ChristinA was physically in the temple doing the work for me, I was there too in my spirit, feeling floor stones under my bare feet adn absobing the essences of the place so dear to me.  when she sent the finished report to me, I lit a candle and a frankinsense and started reading.  I dived deep inito the meditation, feeling the sacred place adn well known energies, saw teh Theban Hills with my inner eye, smelled the desert around the temple, enjoyed the warmth of the orange ball above my head.  I felt a process going on inside my every cell.  I felt this day will bring something new, optimistic, bright, promising, something to show me how to go on.  After more than one hour I opened my eyes, knowing that I haven't absorbed all of it yet.  My physical eyes were  seeing the nature and the house of my hometown, but my whole being was till in Luxor, smelling the Theban air.  I was a little bit confused adn I knew that I will continue with the process of absorbing the healing before my sleep.  I feel thankful and I am continuing my path with lots of love.
Thank you  for your work ChristinA. - Ksenija,  Ljubljana and Slovenia

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