Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Those People Look Like they are Freakin Out

I shared this video of my weekend workshop with my eldest son last night. He said "the tick tocking noises and the hand shakings are weird ha? Those people look like they are freakin out lol" I explained those people weren't freakin' out but rather trying to hold in the fact that they too were being activated and they were holding their bodies back and the clicking and language that was awakening in them as they watched on.
He said "Oh, yeah looks like its doin something aha" I then sent him the link to see the previous video when one of the students from the first level of this workshop was working on me. This was only her second day of bringing forth LUXOR Light and she was able to surrender totally to the true spiritual healing channel she is and as the two electrical frequencies between us ignited it showed what I look like when I'm plugged into the source, to which he replied "lol even weirder!"  
He said "doesn't seem very peaceful" so, I explained to him that, ok while it's happening it's not really peaceful but after the activation stops the body is really expanded and you slip into the deepest state of peace that you really don't want to leave and your body is buzzing and you really know every cell is alive. He said "yeah I'm not criticizing your work"
It's good when people ask questions because it is difficult to explain to people how this awakening frequency affects people, what it feels like and why it happens. Someone who opens to what we call activating, expands their consciousness out into the Infinite Realms, where the real magic healing of higher consciousness comes into play.
It's important to note that not everyone opens to the activating and levitating that is so common in LUXOR Light and that most healing sessions are more like a deep state of peace, almost trance-like state and yet with full awareness of what is happening around you but where you lose all sense of the body and you are lifted up into no time. People report life changes after a healing session with LUXOR Light and a deep yearning to re-unite again with feeling spiritual "presence" that comes from a LUXOR Light healing session. The activation process is usually only opened or awakened in those who already know this energy such as LUXOR Light healing practitioners or participants because they already have a clear pathway into the Infinite. However, some clients who are ready for such great leaps of ascension have also been noted to have this happen while on the table and you can literally "witness an awakening" but most of the time most clients experience the deep peace like state of the deepest meditation you have ever been in that triggers profound shifts and life changes.

Martina is new to the LUXOR Light Ascension program this year and then moved into the practitioner levels too, Martina is a Bowen Therapist in Port Denison, Western Australia.  This day was her first activation so she had a giggle... as you can see if someone is giggling there is nothing to worry about, but, it rather tends to fascinate people that it happens in the way it does.... it is a sign of total surrender and I noticed it begin with my Mother in the weeks before her passing as she surrendered to the Presence of the Infinite God Source and lifted her consciousness to an "awakened state" before passing.  Mum was used to the energy too because she received healing almost every day of her 18 month journey living with lung cancer.  I had noticed Mum have jolts occasionally in that time and her tumour shrank considerably in size but unfortunately the damage to her lung was already too far gone and she eventually had an irreparable collapsed lung that created too much suffering and she needed 24/7 draining and so, she chose to leave us.  Martina had come with a bad Hernia pain in the morning of the workshop, but after the healing and now day three, she reports no problems since.

I'm still in Western Australia, but I really don't know for how much longer, probably only until we sell my parents house and then I will most likely leave indefinitely.  If anyone in Western Australia wants to take advantage of the opportunity of going all the way through the LL program and into the Healing Practitioner Levels, they should contact me soon, before I go.  Meanwhile Perth hosts some dynamic LUXOR Light practitioners and some new ones to qualify very soon.  Apart from that Dongara and Port Denison really is a bit of a Mecca for LUXOR Light energy with so many practitioners here now and another three soon to qualify and they are all power houses!  There is a bit of a LUXOR Light portal surrounding this town now that is noticed by sensitives as they enter the area along Brand Highway.  Some of our LUXOR Light out of towners report feeling it from as far as 20 kilometres away.  A trip to Dongara is worth your while... come and soak up the sea, the sun, the peace and quiet and make sure you are here on a Wednesday and you can come to our Wednesday morning meditation class and see what its all about.

ChristinA Ritchie - Founder/Teacher 

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