Thursday, 5 November 2015

Eternal Flow of Infinity

You will remember that I posted last week over the period of the full moon that I was being visited by Aboriginal Elders, well, I really didn't know if I would  get any real clarity around why that was, but today I stumbled upon a post on Facebook. 

From DawaOutah LomaKatsi - This last Super Moon of 2015, our 74th Full Moon in this online community, brings us the results and harvest of the blessings seeded through this year.
This time of death and rebirth of Wuwutsim and Samain, when the spirits of the ancient ones are close to us, takes us towards the great shift of cycles... 

You can read more on Facebook here One Nation for the Great Earth Peace 

It was not just me who was visited by the Elders over the days prior to and just after the full moon, quite a few other people reported similar visits. I have wondered about it and today I came across this post which explains that they were indeed close to us over that moon. My emotions ran high with that moon and starting yesterday and today my emotions run high again, only I already understood this to be that my beloved departed loved ones are around me as we make moves to prepare my parents house for sale. I can feel them around me and in my dreams last night I was visited by my Grandmother. Even as I type this I can feel their presence around me and although it causes my emotions to rise, I also feel comforted knowing that Love is Eternal and we are never truly separated heart emoticon I at first I thought I was suffering some grief, and maybe there is a degree of that, but I have grown to know that it is when they are around that the emotions rise.  I remember in Egypt in January 2014 just weeks after my mum and passed.  My Mum had always wanted to come to Egypt with me and just as she was planning it, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and was not able to come.  On that trip, we were travelling through the desert to one of my most favourite places, the isolated Temple of Serapis and Isis.  All of a sudden as I sat in the van, my heart suddenly burst open and the waves of emotion came over me.  I knew it was Mum and she had indeed come with me to Egypt.  She was with me all day that day and thankfully my dear friends were understanding and gave me the space I needed to commune with her and share that beautiful experience.

These moments are precious and I most certainly keep them sacred.  A few other people have also mentioned emotion this week, maybe, they too are feeling the closeness of their loved ones for whatever reason at this phase of our moon.  My mother's birthday is on the 7 November, so I'm sure she is doubly around at the moment because my thoughts have been constantly on her for the last couple of weeks and even more so as it draws closer.  

I hold certain days sacred each week for my parents.  Thursdays commemorate the day of my Mother's passing and Saturdays commemorate the day of my Father's passing. On these days, I light a candle for them, to continue the love and healing that I send to them on their onward journey and I will plant something for them on their birthdays. I often think of them and in those moments I do something for them, even if it is simply talking to them or acknowledging a beautiful or funny memory.  I bring conscious awareness to my thoughts with the intention that in the light I carry, so too may my parents benefit.  In the "Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" they say that we can do a lot for our departed loved ones after their passing to assist them with their spiritual progress.  Prayer, love and all other pure thought and intention will help them immensely.

I know I talk a lot about my parents, but through their parting I am still learning from them. The gift they gave me in bringing me to this world, I hold sacred and choose to honour them and what they started.  Through them I walk the path I walk today and this is the same for all of us, no matter what our experience is.  It is through the gift of the parent that we hold our place on this earth plane and for those of us who choose to carry the light, it is through our parents that we came to do this work.  

Something that is also mentioned in "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" is that we can learn a great deal about compassion and how to be the compassionate one, by dedicating our own pain and suffering to the healing of others.  We can simply dedicate each candle we light to the healing of others, places or situations.  Each healing session we give if you happen to be a facilitator of healing energies, can be dedicated also in the name of another or a place or a situation.  This does not take away from the person receiving but in fact amplifies the great intentions and the great light that passes through us.  Our love and our Light does not stop in the moments of giving, it too is in the eternal flow of infinity.  We can always find a way to carry forth goodness.... 

Today, try it, try dedicating something to another and set the wheels of compassion turning.

I dedicate this post with Great Love to my Mother ............


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