Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Sleep Wake State

Being conscious means always watching the signs whether they are in our dreams, or meditation or if they are signs that turn up like the repeating numbers 222, 333 and so on, or if a feather should fall just where you tread.  While talking with my daughter last night she said she had a scorpion living under her front step where she is in India right now. Whatever crosses your path, you should stop and take notice because there is always a message being delivered and it really is up to you if you choose to listen or not.  In the times of our ancestors they always listened to the signs in nature and so it was their "second nature" to do such a thing, it was all perfect and normal.  Thankfully we are returning to that way, but with so much modern technology, many of us are missing our "second nature" messages. But you know, even the technology now brings us messages.  A song will play on the radio that speaks to you or something will flash by on the television screen or a post just happens to take your notice on Facebook and so on and so forth.  But, it's up to you, to do more than take notice.  First take notice, second, listen and take action and then you are just like our ancestors, you are in tune with your "second nature".....

Sleep Wake State

Following on from yesterday, I'd had a nap in the afternoon after my meditation, but the nap became a marathon nana nap.  Four hours after closing my eyes I dragged myself out and I literally had to drag myself out.  I had been in such a deep, energetic state unable to move my body, unable to open my eyes.  I fell asleep but I was awake in my dreamstate.  I was fully aware that I was sleeping and I thought I had heard voices and movement in the house and I tried to call out to see if anyone was there.  I managed to open my mouth but only a very quiet muffled forced voice came.  I was trying to say if anyone was out there that, I was just here.  I was aware than my sister had said she wasn't visiting today, so, I waited in case she had changed her mind, but no one came, so I realised there probably wasn't anyone there as I wasn't expecting anyone so I would just continue sleeping.  I was aware that I hadn't woken up and I was still asleep and I was in some strange way observing this state while in it. I stayed in this asleep but awake and then slipped deeper enveloped by the intense energy that was blanketing me. These states are definitely not knew to me and usually alert me to a shift about to happen or in the process of.  The awareness of sleeping and dreaming and awake in the dream has been happening quite a bit lately.  According to Buddhism, once you have penetrated through the "conception skandha" you are always aware in your dreams. 

My Aboriginal Messengers

Anyway, needless to say that with all that meditating and Nana napping I didn't sleep again until around 1:30am and as I pulled up the covers and closed my eyes I was visited again by the Aboriginal Elders.  One after the other they came just prior to me drifting off to sleep.  I asked questions wondering what they were trying to tell me, to which my conclusion says they are showing me that I should just hang around a bit, because that is what they were doing in the visions; they are just being present; they are present to their environment and then all of a sudden they move on, and I think that is what they are trying to tell me.  Again, it was confirmation of being fully present and in the moment.  

Aboriginals on "walkabout" appreciate the spiritual interconnectedness of all living things. They are fully present and focused on the journey using this time to connect with their spiritual obligations by tracing their paths formed by their ancestors at the beginning of time. During "walkabout" Aboriginal people enhance their cultural and spiritual connection with the land and their ancestors and return with a greater sense of oneness  within themselves and with the world in which they live..... I'm listening and maybe my post is talking to you as well....

Super Full Moon

Today is the super full moon and my favourite blog site for astral insights is Mystic Mamma, so I thought I'd share the link with you http://www.mysticmamma.com/full-moon-supermoon-in-taurus-october-27th-2015/

What does today have to say

I love to follow the vibration held in a day to guide me in my direction each day, so if you would like to know the vibe of each day you can follow along here 

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