Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Staying Present

I know I'm leaving, it's just a matter of when.  What I don't know is why I'm having confusion because that really doesn't sit with me;  I have lived the last 15 years of my life really pretty intensely on the path of trusting the process, so why am I having this push pull feeling going on, I ask myself.  It's a new life, and most likely new directions I suppose and I think I am being reminded to stay in the present, because there is no need to make a decision right in this moment.  I have always been good at making a decision based on an intuitive feeling and then being able to make a 360 change of direction at the last minute and go with that and I guess that is why I'm confused with no decision, no real direction.

So, I know the indecision is not to do with going, but more about when to go and where to go.  I know that when I go, I am going with an indeterminate time of return, I know I'm going to most likely find a new country to have as a base or even to live.  I know I'm changing "direction".............

Just after Dad died in July, I had strong visions and pull to go to India.  Eastern Masters were appearing in my dreams and in my meditations with cryptic messages, so I had my astrology chart done to see what my lines were like in India and apparently I have very strong Sun lines through different parts of India, through the parts that just happen to be linked to my visions, and at the time it was the perfect time for me for spiritual travel.  But that time has passed astrologically and now I still feel the pull but the pull has no destination. I have a tentative plan to get rid of the remainder of my belongings and up and go somewhere in February.  Where can I do the best work, where do I fit in and then I went to meditate.  I didn't actually have an intention for my meditation, I just went to clear my mind and move away from the decisions/indecision's and find my centre so I could continue to be in the present.  I had other peoples input running through my mind, clogging up the pathways to my own intuition.

Upon balancing my energy body and relaxing deeper into meditation up popped an Aboriginal elder. With his very broad features there was something different about him that I have not known before.  I know I can't capture it in the drawing but he had a big broad face, a strong man, serene and very in touch with the earth, he was dusty as if he was from the desert or had been painted with ash in his unruly hair and his face.

He was looking deep into me and he drew a line in the sand he was sitting in.  He spoke, not in words but in thought transference pointing out that one side of the line thinks like this, and the other side of the line thinks like this but if you stay on the line, it really doesn't matter... stay on the line.

I know this is the truth, I had been allowing others beliefs and opinions to interfere in my decision making, but the reality is that in the end nothing really matters.  People do things differently everywhere, everyone fits in somewhere different and everyone follows their path to that which fits their inner harmony the best.  The truth lies in staying on the line that is your own truth, it is to be the path that is your way; a thin line usually, between all the other ways, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, no judgment, just stillness, steadily walking the line and staying true to your path.

I can't say I have gone directly into the present because it is still just there, just on the tip of somewhere.  Something, somewhere is calling me, but the time is not right and when it is right, I may just find it is somewhere completely different, but meanwhile I am focusing on staying fully present because in the present is where all the answers are.  "I'm staying on the line, just one foot in front of the other".   In this present moment I think the Aboriginal master is saying Australia is where I need to be right now and that where I am to go has not yet "Presented" itself, stay on the line and clarity will come.

I look at the two images, the first one from earlier in July is Ramana Maharshi and the top of his head on one side of the page and his skinny little bare legs on the other side of the line... there we go again... another line which I felt was about calling me to walk the mountain Arunachala in Tamil Nadu India.  The mind on one side of the line and the message to walk on the other.   The Arunachala mountain is known as the mountain of Shiva and was walked daily by Ramana Maharshi and is said to bring the state of enlightenment.............only time will tell where my messages lead me and the messages may not be calling me anywhere in particular but simply stating to continue on the line and to continue to walk the path of enlightenment and ascension, not that I need any reminding as it has been my commitment for the last 15 years and I continue to walk and continue to follow the signs given to me.  

In this present moment I Am, and peace resides within me.

The mantra I was given to bring my body into balance was "Undara miy"  pronounced "n dara me" and roughly translated this means "to ready my temple or bring my temple into readiness for the pearls of wisdom".  Mantras of light are given to me through my I Am, "Ametron" and they hold codes through the sounds contained within the language that initiate healing and awakening.  This is just one powerful mantra of which I have brought through many over the years and I share them with my groups.  From time to time I am guided to share them further afield and this is one of those times.  I will in the not too distant future be bringing you a book that contains these powerful mantras to assist with awakening deeper parts of the Self.  I also sometimes share them on my blog site Ametron Truth Sounds of Light if you would like to follow along.

You can use the mantra by simply repeating it over and over until it fades out or if you have some prayer beads you can use the beads to help you keep your focus on the mantra.  Be fully present with the mantra and the magic will happen!

Merging with Your I Am and Awakening the Language of Light in you begins here....

You have to be fully present to awaken to the deeper parts of you and I am still offering the LUXOR Light Ascension Online program for the amazing price of $49 until the end of the year.  What can you expect from taking part in the LUXOR Light Ascension program?

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  • You can expect to awaken to greater degrees of higher consciousness, not once, not twice but continually
  • You can expect to find deeper understanding of your self
  • You can expect to Merge with your I Am

Level one is just the beginning to a new you, to a greater you, a more empowered you.

One Person said "Christina Ritchie has changed my life and I am also very grateful. I think that the main thing that I gained from being part of this group is the clarity in the meditations. A form of pure light that has truely amplified my frequency and been able to stay consistently" Diane Kennedy, Groveland California

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Thanks for reading along!

Bundles of Love and LUXOR Light to you!!


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