Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Just Bee

symbolic bee meaning

I was invited to run a private group healing, meditation and sharing of Keys and Codes today and I forgot to take a photo! Can't believe I did that, but, never mind, it was an awesome day, full of healing, meditation and sharing. Thank you to the lovely ladies who provided the delicious lunch and my beautiful friend Helen who invited me back to her beautiful property once again to share with that lovely bunch of ladies that I always love to see again.
Before the ladies arrived I went down into Helen's garden... which is one of the most awesome gardens I have ever come across, both energetically and because of it's natural bush setting. She has such a creative spirit and dotted throughout the meandering gardens are seats and little tracks to wander through and special places of power. I sat on a bench in a little hidey hole under the trees and backing onto a most beautiful flowering Geraldton Wax. I closed my eyes to align with the property, the nature spirits and the ladies who would be arriving that morning and no sooner had I connected and the energy started running but a bee came into my field and stayed moving through my energy field so close to my body; so close it was most definitely in my etheric field. At first I thought it was a blowfly and then realised it was a bee. I stayed still and he stayed with me, moving through my field. After a few minutes, my mind got involved and I wondered if he might sting me, so I said ok that is enough, opened my eyes disconnected briefly and he flew off, but then I thought, no, I wonder if it was my energy that brought him in, so I closed my eyes for connection once again and sure enough he came back and moved buzz buzz buzz through my field again. I let this continue for a few minutes and then again I thought oh he's getting pretty excited, maybe he will sting me - ego mind - and I opened my eyes, disconnected and he flew off. This time I thought, now come on he is NOT going to sting you! I closed my eyes, connected and back he came again and this time I decided to stay with it and he stayed with me.... big smile on my face, heart wide open until I sensed I should go up to the morning I was supposed to be running. As I opened my eyes, off he flew and about 45 centimetres from my feet was a bandicoot, just sitting and watching me. I didn't move and he stayed; I smiled and as I moved he scuttled behind a bush. I'm happy, thinks me, thinks me, I did indeed align with the nature spirits and now I can go up to be with the girls in the house.
Later, inside after our group healing session, bee came to visit. No idea how he got inside but Helen carefully returned him to the outside and then after our discussions, bee had returned again! And, that is not all. When I got into my car to go home, a swarm of bees humming their song in front of my car!
Awesome, awesome, awesome day!
This evening I received two emails from participants:
Dear Christina,
I want to thank you so much for everything you shared with us today. I loved the meditation and having the opportunity to let go of more stuff and will work on myself some more for letting my armour dissolve.
I also loved the healing and needed it so much, especially with what is going on with me at the moment. Thank you. I still believe you had extra healing codes coming through your music, even though you said it was tapping due to something else. I listened carefully and could hear as clear as a bell, the dolphin sounds. They were so strong for me today, both in the meditation and in the healing session.
I am so grateful and blessed to have experienced that with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Much love and one huge hug,
Hi Christina
Thank you so much for today . It has been lovely on all levels and really appreciate and grateful for the beautiful gift you have .
Thanks again.
Love Z

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