Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Ascension Program

I haven’t written a blog for a while, I’ve been busy caring for my Dad, but sadly for me but happy for Dad, he passed away on July 4 and I have been recouping my energies after being a full time carer for the last 3 + years for both Mum and Dad. I haven’t really achieved a lot workwise in that time, but now I’m feeling energetically ready to get back to it and decided to just get moving to see what I can offer you.
Today I received an email from someone who has been drawn back to my website www.luxorlightascension.com time and time again without really knowing why. This person is an energy worker and had saved my site on her bookmarks as somewhere she wanted to go for a high frequency boost, but was still unsure as to what LUXOR Light really is, so she listened to her nudges and finally sent me a personal email asking where to start, but not wanting to invest too much at this stage; she said less than $50. That was good for her and in fact it was also good for me because it came at a moment that I was asking the question “how can I reach and serve more people?” I decided in that moment to reply straight away and offer LUXOR Light Ascension Level One program for $49 with a little explanation of what LUXOR Light is. It went like this….
“LUXOR Light is a specific frequency that enables shifts into higher consciousness, but it is more than that. For those who choose to work with this frequency as opposed to simply receiving healing or sitting in the energy space of myself or a initiated facilitator, they become carriers of the frequency and are then able to awaken to even higher degress of consciosness and assist others to also awaken to higher degrees.
If you would like to enrol in the Ascension Program Level One, I can accept you into the program for $49 and you will receive entrance into the course and an initiation into the frequency. If you are on Facebook, you can friend me and I will add you to the online support group.
So, in short, the LUXOR Light Ascension program is all meditation and discussions that go with that. The meditations allow you to open to the healing that enables the shifts of consciousness and they are supported by the frequency in a way that is different to a general meditation of mine that you may find online somewhere. Something happens in the process of accepting this invitation between your Higher Self and my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters, in particular Ascended Master Serapis Bey. And the journey begins. After the Ascension program there is a hands on healing option that is optional but it is not online at this stage and only available in person at the moment. I haven’t figured that one out of how to do it online ;)”
But meanwhile, back at the ranch, the lady had already discovered my latest offer on my website www.luxorlightascension.com to purchase a copy of my book “The Pendulum: Powered by the Awakening Soul” in any format and receive a free distant healing valued at $81US / $111AUD. All you have to do is purchase the book and electronically send me the receipt and you receive one of the 10 only free healings available. This was good for my client and good for me as both of us had our requests answered at the same time. What I noticed was that Amazon must have had a special on too because when her receipt came through she had only paid $1.55 for her Kindle edition! Now, that is what I call a might good offer and I am more than happy to oblige! Anyway, I want to offer this same deal to you now…
All new participants who quote this blogpost who would like to begin LUXOR Light ascension program join NOW and only pay $49. 4+9=13 and 13 is a frequency of alchemy. Alchemy is exactly what is happening when you enter the LUXOR Light Ascension program. You become the Alchemist transforming yourself from where you are now and into greater shifts of consciousness anchoring greater degrees of light and healing at an accelerated level. This is such a powerful vibration and suggests a path of initiation.
So, originally the course fee is $333 you don’t pay that, nor do you pay the offer available through my website at the moment of $197, no, you don’t pay that either, instead you pay $49 for the month of August 2015, but wait, you can get started today and quote this post and off we go.
You can also email me at luxorlight@yahoo.com.au

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