Tuesday, 28 July 2015

3 Steps to Healing

I’m in the mood for offering specials, but if you have already purchased my book, then I can’t offer you the healing deal and if you are already a LUXOR Light Ascension initiate then I can’t offer you the super special deal, but you are really very special to me, so I want to offer you something and this goes for anyone out there too! If you follow my blog, I will do a booster healing for you with a consciousness check. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, all it takes is to follow my blog site here at www.Christinaritchie.info and I will do one for you and then you will know! But you will have to send me an email toluxorlight@yahoo.com.au just to confirm and to make sure I don’t miss you out!
So… 3 Steps to Healing
Step 1 – follow my blog
Step 2 – send me an email with your birthdate and full name and in subject title put “Booster Blog Follower”!
Step 3 – Wait for me to send your report!
Meanwhile you can check out my website for more awesome stuff like High Frequency Healing and Light Language stuff and remember to bookmark my site because I’m ready to start adding a lot more stuff, especially the Language of Light and Sacred Sound stuff and Mantras to power and awaken you to even Higher Realms …. www.luxorlightascension.com

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