Saturday, 21 March 2015

Seventh Heaven

I don't want to give away everything, so I'm just going to jump ahead and give you a little on the Seventh Dimensional state of consciousness.
"Seventh dimensional chakras bring expansion, offering you the opportunity to take a look at previous perspectives literally in a new light. This is a turnaround point for inner and outer experiences, showing you how you used to perceive things and weighing them up again with how your new perspectives weigh up against them. Seventh heaven, so to speak, where we become our own judge and jury and as with the Ancient Egyptian stories of Anubis weighing the heart against the feather to see if you are pure of heart enough to enter the heavenly worlds."
In this book I will talk about the dimensions to the 13th dimension, but in my course work we talk about what happens to us to the 24th dimension and beyond.
Not everyone chooses to go beyond the seventh dimension and in fact the consciousness that goes beyond this degree is mostly connected with your spiritual initiations and has less to do with the human and earthly realms. It is for this reason that many people struggle staying beyond this realm. It is also about truly stepping into Unity consciousness and that can be very testing. No matter how much you "think" you are in unity, you can usually tell how far into unity you have travelled by simply looking at yourself and your relationship with you.
While people may struggle beyond these dimensions, more and more people are able to visit here in order to gain greater wisdom and likelihood of striving to return and build beyond the capstone of consciousness.

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