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I have just read a book called The Pendulum

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I had a phone call from my publishing consultant the other day, but this time he rang me not as my publisher but as a reader. He started talking to me by saying "I have just read a book called The Pendulum, I wonder if you know about this book?". At first I was confused and asked him "What book are you talking about, are you talking about my book?" Of course he laughed and on he went talking about this book he had just read. I was so impressed with his review of my book that I said, this book sounds great, I think I shall have to read it!

I was amazed at how well he had understood the points I was making and how well I had actually got my point across. So, I decided I should read my book! haha and so I started reading it this morning and thought I should share a little more of it with you today.

In Chapter 9 I talk about the dimensional chakras from the third dimension to the thirteenth dimension. Here is a snippet about what happens to you when you begin to activate the consciousness of the fifth dimensional chakras........

Fifth dimensional chakras are working on developing the balanced feminine and masculine chakras, and by now you will be noticing that you think differently and most certainly feel very differently. You have balanced a great deal of your karma from your past lives and can be comfortable in the fact that you have a most positive karmic balance and you will be able to feel and notice that the physical body is changing. You are more drawn to light foods and habits and wish to take in less of anything of a more dense nature, moving away from old habits of junk food, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. That previous lifestyle simply does not fit with the new light body. At this degree you are working more on healing the mental body and gaining control over your thoughts. It is at this degree that you will be drawn to meditation and spiritual practices that assist you in gaining mastery over the mind. Because of your new found comfort with your changing truth, you are very likely to notice that you seem to be crucified for your new found belief system and friends that just don't get you anymore begin to drop away. By now there appears to be a clear divide between the old world and the new world, and for a while it may be uncomfortable knowing that you live in a world that others don't yet understand, but with the constant influxes of light that is pouring down upon our planet now, more and more people are awakening to these higher dimensional states of consciousness. Everyone is on their way up into the higher states of consciousness, but it just depends on their individual process.

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