Friday, 20 February 2015

Wow! The Feedback so far has been Awesome!

You will Heal on All Levels
The feedback for the LUXOR Light Ascension program online has been awesome!  In case you missed it, this is an online course I produced to share the frequencies of LUXOR Light in a personal way but online!  It means you get to work at your own pace, in your own time but you still get the awesome energies and powerhouse effect.  You get personal support all the way from myself and you get to be a part of a community too sharing with others who are also on the same journey.  The growth is amazing!  The healing is massive! The learning is awe inspiring!  Seriously, I was missing something when I offered the online course before and that something missing was the personal touch.  Now we can have it all and I am getting such great feedback.

Extended Opportunity still Available
The window for this extra special offer of $133 will soon be closing because I ran it only to be conjunct with the publication of my first book "The Pendulum: Powered by the Awakening Soul" which will be available in less than a couple of weeks.  I will run this special until the launch of the book with a possible over lap, so if you want in you should register before it goes off.  If you already have the program and didn't get around to doing it or didn't feel you were getting the energy from it, contact me and I will show you how you can now take the opportunity to come in and receive the energies first direct from me and then enter into the program so you can have the awesome experience that others are having.

and if you feel inspired to invest in this program, once you have purchased the program, I will be in contact with you to set up an appointment to go ahead with an energy body analysis and the transference of the LUXOR Light frequencies to help you begin the journey of carrying this amazing flame!

This is only available until the 
The Pendulum: Powered by the Awakening Soul 
book launch!  

Looking forward to sharing some awesome energetic space with you!

Some feedback so far...........

Cate from Melbourne says
Hi everyone
So, it has taken me a while to get started on the meditations. I'm not sure if that's because of a hectic work schedule, lack of discipline or slight fear of the big shifts I know are about to happen. 
Anyway I am only up to the first meditation which I have now completed about five times and I am amazed that it seems to have cured my chronic insomnia that has plagued me for many years. I feel more well rested than I ever have, and I'm moving away from resorting to unhealthy methods to knock myself out at night. Wow! I will start the next meditation in the next day or so and I'm looking forward to approaching it with new found clarity. 
Thank you so much to everyone who has been sharing on here I love reading all your comments, they are so inspiring!

Ben B. from London says
Can I just say I am learning masses from being in this group, so many questions and new understandings being talked about. its like everything being explained finally, stepping into energy university, very happy and grateful to be here, not to mention all the energy shifts of course. Finally feel like I have some answers and actually moving forward. Thank you ChristinA

Bron Thomas for Mackay says
Ok I'll be honest, I never thought doing a meditation/ascension course online would work. E-anything makes me think where has the people contact gone?? BUT... I really love it! Doing the meditations when you're ready, doing them again and again, middle of the day/middle of the night. I love courses in person and being with lovely friends, but this is great because you're just at your own pace and have time to reflect on what is happening. When you're in a workshop you tend to get caught up in what's happening for others and missing what happened for you. Now you can read others experiences when it suits you. I'm E-xcited:)
Thanks ChristinA

And thank you to the wonderful group we have working so diligently away on their ascension path!  The group is always open and you can come in whenever you want, it's just fantastic!  I hope you join us, there is always someone around for support!

In Love We Unite

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