Sunday, 22 February 2015

Going Beyond the Guru

What is in a name?
When we are given a name in this life time, that name carries the earthly energy of the expression of our soul for this lifetime and our soul carries the expression of our Higher Self also known as our I Am Presence.  A name is purely a label to describe who you are as expressed by our personality on this earth plane.  I love to look at the expression of those names that we carry through numbers. Everything is energy and the path that brought me to where I am today, is because of my understanding of colour energies and numbers;  I love numbers and I read them like a sentence.  The universe is made up of sacred geometries or sacred mathematics and nothing is expressed upon this earth plan that cannot be added up like a sum.  I'm over simplifying really but I do tend to like to keep things simple.  Anyway, a name; your name, my name, Fred Blogs name (oh!  haha sorry for the pun and everyone else's name carries an energy so we are able to recognise that energy as a particular expression.

When I experienced my awakening and began to earth my mission, I in my knew I had something that could touch others and help to bring shifts in consciousness.  This something, is a very powerful energy because it is an energy of the divine, and expression of the divine.  I wanted to know if what I had could be passed on to others in a way that meant they could also receive and anchor or carry this same divine energy, this expression of divine love from our God Self.  I was clearly shown and guided to see that this was the case.  What I had, I was able to share with others. Others were able to sit in my energy field and experience this energy too.  Now, what I have come to understand, is that when you sit in the space of a Guru, you can also have this experience.  But, I am not a Guru and to remove myself, my little human self with a human name that was given to me as an expression of my earthly personality from people having "attachment" to me, I asked the Divine if there was a way I could help others to anchor this Divine energy also, so that they did not "follow" me but rather stay true to their own divine expression being anchored to earth.  I was given that guidance of how to do that and so I did not want it to be known as me, ChristinA Ritchie or this would be allowing for attachment to me the human expression of my soul and my soul the expression of my Higher Self/I Am Presence.  I asked for a name to be given to this Divine Expression of Love that was being shared so that others could travel to their own divine expression of love from our most infinite universe.  That name is a label, just like ChristinA is a label for my earthly expression of my soul and Ametron is a label for the expression of Higher Self which in fact has no name, there is no need for a name at that level because it is pure and divine love and expression of the all that is and all that is is One, you, me, and the One.  So, LUXOR Light became a name to remove my self, little and big from people having attachment to me because I am not a guru.

So, now we know LUXOR Light is a label, a name given upon the birth of this expression of the divine, just like ChristinA is a label; a name given upon the birth of this expression of the divine, just like your name is a label, given at birth or wherever you got it from, to give expression to the energy of the divine that is within you with your feet upon this earth.

What is the Difference?
The difference with this particular expression of the divine that we call LUXOR Light so we have a label to describe what we are talking about is that I was shown a particular way to allow others to harness this particular divine energy so they do not have to come to me or any other guru time and time again to get it.  I was shown how to help others find their own divine expression of the God Self, the energy and love of the Divine and how to harness that energy as they walk the long and winding path Home.  But it is a path that only resonates with some and it is not the only path.  There are many paths that all lead back to the Great Universal Expression of Love.  

Who is the Guru?
The guru in this case is that divine expression of you that you are able to awaken within you and bring it to its full expression here on this earth plane.  The guru is a flame of light that sparks within each of us but we are unable to power that flame to the degree that the flame reaches up and into the divine to gather momentum touching other flames until we ignite like wildfire and become at one with that great Light of the Divine.  That is what the divine energy that is labelled LUXOR Light is; it is the fuel that enables you to power your flame to the degree it can reach up into the great flame and become one with the Great Universal Flame of Love.  It helps you to know how to keep your flame alive so it eventually does not die down and become hot coals cindering in wait of more fuel.  It awakens the guru within and that guru wants only to join with the Great Guru of Universal Expression of Pure Divine Love.

The name LUXOR Light also cause other confusion because the name Luxor is a place in Egypt and that my dear people is another story.................
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