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About Sessions with ChristinA

Photo taken by me at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt
To me this represents the seven Gates 
or the seven Chakras 
as in the seven mansions of God's house. 
These Gates are seemingly impossible to enter suggesting 
a mastery or mystery to understand the wisdom 
of ones own temple on the path of ascension
I am often asked what can you expect while working with me either in my classes or in a healing session with me, so I decided it was a good idea to try to give you some idea of what you might experience, remembering that everyone has a different experience.

What to expect in a one-on-one session with me

Once a connection has been made, that is, when you actually make first contact with me, be it by email, phone, Facebook, Skype or wherever, often shifts already begin to happen even before the healing session or program begins.  All healing happens via a subconscious connection between you and me (client and facilitator), so once the subconscious has connected it often begins to initiate the shifts that are ready to take place.  It doesn't matter if we are physically together or if we are located in completely different locations anywhere in the world, the shift or healing will often begin through the process of our initial communication.  So, if you were to book a session with me online, via Skype or any other medium such as a chat option, the healing also begins to take place at that moment of connecting and through the course of the conversation the healing energy begins to work.  I have an ability to be able to feel your energy no matter where you are and can tell where you are energetically within the healing and when the shifts begin to take place.  My energy field will begin to fine tune your energy field to assist in bringing it into balance whether it be through a conversation, a meditation or an energy body analysis.  

Some people prefer to have the healing via email connection and it is just as powerful and the bonus with the email session is that the encoding and
healing energy is placed behind the words so whenever you re-read your emailed report you are then re-initiating the healing to another level.  I give you instruction how to do this and you will also know when that particular healing has completed it's time and when or if you are in need of further sessions.

Some people prefer to work with the voice sessions via Skype and these sessions have another layer that comes about.  Through the process of the voice session you have the benefit of hearing the light that comes from my voice as well as the energy behind the words.  This can be in the form of a healing meditation or a conversation.  Because I carry the Sacred Sound Keys of Enoch you can also receive the sound activators to initiate these hidden wisdom's into your energy field.  Even a general conversation where you may decide to bring in some questions to be answered.  Often the questions become irrelevant during the course of the session because the energy that flows between us brings a higher teaching; higher wisdom that comes direct from the highest aspect of your Self.  The understanding may sometimes take a while to integrate but you will receive at the level that is appropriate for you at any given time.  We work in the Now moment.  

This may all be very new for you, but the key to receiving the greatest healing is to allow yourself to surrender to the Trust process and know that what you are receiving is going to assist in initiating your awakening.  You may have already been through an awakening, but there are many levels on this process of ascension and as we move through one phase we ready for another.  If you have not yet moved into your first level of awakening, these most powerful sessions will align you in the most soul appropriate way to prepare your energy field so that it is ready when your soul is ready and it will help to make it a smoother ride.  I am also able to guide you through this process giving you support that will help you to understand what is happening to you.

There can be very profound healing shifts that occur from these sessions and if you are really serious about your healing process and spiritual growth, you may like to take part in the LUXOR Light Ascension program which teaches you how to take control of your own healing and gives you the tools to continue with the healing at greater levels bringing you into your own soulful power and beyond.

What you might experience during a healing session
  • This is different for everyone, but some of the common things mentioned can be from feeling heat rising in the body as the kundalini energy begins to clear away the dross
  • or a cold very chilly feeling as you tap into the higher crystalline energies as they work on the higher aspects of your energy bodies.  
  • You might feel shuddering through your body as the cells begin to vibrate in a different direction showing you that you are indeed beginning to activate the healing on the level of the DNA.and at a cellular level. 
  • It can sometimes bring on headaches after a healing session or meditation as the pineal gland (light meter) begins to enlarge and you are able to take on greater influxes of the light frequencies being handed down to us from the planetary and star alignments that happen as new energy portals are being opened all the time.  
  • You might feel absolutely in a state of bliss
  • or weighed down as if so you can't move

Ultimately most clients feel an expanded sense of love as they move through the different phases of healing on the ascension path and the discomfort is only removal of fear based concepts held within the chakras.  I will always give you tips on how to manage the symptoms of discomfort.  The sessions with me enable a faster more direct route to the path of ascension healing through all the bodies; emotional, mental and spiritual and through all realities and dimensions.

How long is a session with you?
Usually a session will be one hour, but some session can take up to two.  

I am now in Luxor, Egypt, so we work on a time that suits us both, so it doesn't matter where you are in the world, a time can always be scheduled.  I also move around and so time schedules are simply adjusted to suit both the client and myself... there is always a suitable time frame. 

If you are receiving an email healing session, it can be at any time and doesn't matter if you are sleeping or working although I will always give you a window of the time is coming so you are aware.  However, often the healing will sit suspended until you are ready to receive and it is also triggered again when you actually read the report that is sent.  The report will include a full analysis of your energy field and any visions and messages that come through at the time as well as an intuitive energy guidance that is relevant for you for the year, the month and the day.  You will also be given guidance toward the lessons you have chosen for this lifetime.

If you choose a Skype Session, I prefer to work without the video on, so the personality is less involved and we can work directly with the individual, this also gives you more privacy and uses less internet!

What about the Online Ascension Courses?
I have numerous courses available online and more being made available soon.  These are all very powerful programs and you become a part of a group which is really important for ascension because we ascend in groups and the support of the community is really key in the whole process.  I give you access to the private group pages which are on Facebook and you are able to work at your own pace so there is no rushing and full benefit can be had.  Within the group you have access to me and my guidance every day so there is never a time when you can't be guided through your process.  You will also find that the interaction from the group helps to clear up any confusion along the way and everyone helps each other and some great friendships are developed.

Casual or Long Term
You can be a casual client and still gain wonderful long term personal benefits and I leave it up to you to decide if you wish to have further sessions with me or not.  If you decide to take part in any of the courses I offer you will also know if you wish to continue with becoming a part of our community which means you may enter into a long term relationship with the LUXOR Light energy always learning through the many opportunities to continue to empower your life towards mastery.   

Fees and Charges
My fees are a suggested appropriate fee of which varies according to the service.  But if someone cannot afford the amount I am suggesting you are still able to do the work by  making arrangements with me.  I don't wish to deny you the opportunity to receive healing or the teachings and we can always set up a good dharma exchange.

You can learn more about me and LUXOR Light on my website at  or you can become a part of our community on Facebook at  and here you will find lots of other opportunities presented on a regular basis to join in some further learning and meditation programs and so forth.  If  you are looking for a specific healing session you can find out more also on my website 

I look forward to getting to know you

Yellowtail Regular

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