Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Breath of Colour


My journey began  through studying and working with colour, crystals, palm reading, meditation and so on way back in 1993 and so I decided that it is time to go back to my roots and begin to share some of the magic of colour with you.

Because colour is a Divine Power that affects every cell, nerve, gland and muscle in our bodies and shines out through our aura as we accept the light pourings that are showered upon us from the the sun and the greater central sun, we stand to benefit in ways you can never imagine if you are willing to learn how to harness the colour rays and use them with respect.

Working with the colour frequencies influences our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies changing our consciousness and aligning us with our soul and higher self and it is so simple! 

Colour breathing is one of the most valuable tools you can have.  You can use it anywhere at any time and for every purpose!


·        I am fed on all levels by the energetic force of colour embracing the divine expression of the original cosmic vibration.
·        Colour is the Soul of the universe radiating from the Central Sun as an infinite source of divine power.
·        The Seven Great Cosmic Rays are gifting my body with infinite health and wellbeing as they are in perfect relationship to the Seven major glandular centres within my physical body. 
·        I welcome the infinite potentialities of my Higher Self through the Spirit of the Rays and ask them to propel me forward along my journey into Oneness.

The following colour affirmations should be a focus of breathing the colour for three minutes and then saying the affirmation seven times.  Breathe out the colour by washing through with the white light before starting with another colour.

White Light     
Cleansing and clearing away all impurities leaving a pure and clean energy field ready to take in the purity of each colour ray. 
Breathe white light in from the God Source and allow it to travel down through the central column of the body and breathe it out through the feet deep into the core of Mother Earth.

Before taking another colour in through your system always clear with the white light so the system is clear for pure colour.

Affirmation:  The Pure White Light of the God Force fills my entire being on all levels filling me with pure cosmic light force energy, health and peaceful vibrations.


Strengthening and purifying the blood giving us vitality.
Breathe it in through the feet up to the solar plexus saturating the lower body.  On the outbreath allow it to travel through the blood stream and then outwards into the auric field.

Affirmation:  The Red Ray of vitality enters my blood stream feeding my body with an abundance of rich healthy blood cells. 

Strengthens the etheric field supplying the body with greater vitality and energy while
benefiting both the physical and spiritual bodies.
Breathe orange in through the feet allowing it to flow into the sacral chakra and then all through the body on the out breath.

Affirmation:  My body is filled with the Universal Rays of Orange supplying me with vitality and joy for life; strengthening my etheric field bringing renewed health to my glands and rejuvenating every cell and atom of my body, both physical and spiritual.

Connecting us with the Greater Central Sun and aligning us with the God Force.
Breathe yellow in through the feet and into the Solar Plexus and on the out breath, breathe it outward to fill the auric field.

Affirmation:  I breathe in the Golden Yellow ray, filling my body, Soul and Spirit with Divine Love and the Wisdom of God. 

Brings balance, harmony, abundance and new growth and is known as the master healer; when in doubt always use green.
Breathe green in horizontally through the Heart chakra and flood the whole of the chest area and then expand the green ray out into whole body with the out breath.

Affirmation:  The Universal Green Ray flows through my heart and nervous system restoring my body and bringing balance and harmony allowing new growth to enter all areas of my life.

Healer of pain, soothing, cooling and great for sore throats, fever and eye problems and a great soother for the emotions bringing a feeling of peace and opens one to communication.
Breathe blue in through the top of your head and allow it to flow all through your body on the out breath.

Affirmation:  The powerful Blue Ray of Peace brings a gentle tranquillity into my life as it flows through my body lifting my soul as I ascend with spirit.

Opens the mind to inner knowledge and brings greater wisdom while allowing receptivity for the true seeker of spiritual mysteries.
Breathe indigo through the top of your head and allow it to flow through your body and into your aura on the out breath.

Affirmation:  I am one with the deep Indigo Ray, receiving all information that is positively useful to me.

Cleansing and purifying on all levels.  Helps to bring stimulation to the glands on the head, helps to bring relief to headaches and insomnia, neuralgia and inflammation of the nerves.
Breathe violet in through the top of your head and flood your whole body allowing it to flow out and into the aura on the out breath.
Affirmation:  The violet ray flows through me and from me cleansing and purifying me through all the levels and all the bodies, through all dimensions and all realities.  I am the purity of God’s desire.

It is not wise to breathe red, orange or yellow before sleeping because they are too stimulating and can keep you awake.  It is better to use this practice of colour breathing with red, orange and yellow in the early morning or early evening. 

Points to remember:
  • Imagine the Cosmic and Spiritual colour rays continuously flowing towards you and through you. 
  • Colour works through the glandular systems through the chakras in the etheric body allowing for greater health and wellbeing.  
  • Colour stimulates the Higher Mental body bringing clarity and opening your to your higher faculties.

A Universal Affirmation

 I am surrounded at all times by Cosmic Healing Rays and I wish to become fully receptive to them.

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