Saturday, 14 February 2015

4 Steps to Accessing the Infinite Possibilities of the Circle

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Going around in Circles
What does it mean when you take on so much you achieve nothing or at least very little?  I was thinking about this today and realised the answer is in the "circle".  Feeling overwhelmed on having taken on so much, I realised I needed to map out a plan so I don't have to give up anything and still achieve a little of all of them.  However, I keep being drawn back to the circle and the hidden message from the saying "going around in circles". So, I asked myself another question.....

What is a Circle?
A circle has no beginning and no end.
I feel like I don't know where to start therefore I have no "beginning" as I jump from one task to the next which often leads to not finishing a task at all or finding it hard to find the "end" point.

But a circle also contains and protects and if all these things are important to me then I want to be sure I keep them on my list (contain them) to achieve and so I want to protect them.  

Infinite Potential
The circle also represents the power of the God-force/Universe and has infinite potential.  All of the tasks/courses/webinars/blogs/teachings/books and so on that I want to complete, I want to power to their infinite potential.  More importantly or most appropriately, I want them to power me to my infinite potential.

So, I have devised a 4 step plan to share with you and hope you will share your experience with me, you can comment in the comment box.

The 4 Step Plan
Step 1
Draw a large circle

Step 2 
Inside that large circle write all the things that you want to contain and protect so that you can harness the infinite potential of all your tasks and power them all with the infinite power of the Universal energies.

Step 3
Create a beautiful environment within your circle.  You are now creating a mandala.  A mandala helps to unlock that which is hidden in your subconscious mind and brings it forth into the conscious mind.  So, now your intentions that you are protecting within the infinite potential of the circle is being loved and nurtured in readiness for growth.

Step 4
When you have finished your mandala containing the infinite potential of your desired tasks, you must now add energy to power the process.  Every day, spend at least 5 minutes or more meditating upon your circle.  Every time you meditate upon the circle you are adding more energy to it bringing it into even greater power and more information from your infinite self will filter down and into your conscious mind.

And the rest will manifest in each moment................
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