Friday, 23 January 2015

talking 'bout the book

JUST DAYS TO PUBLICATION is what I shouted from the roof tops!  I was filled with excitement and my energy was on super go fast mode!  I was powering away, so happy that finally I was making progress.  I had made the decision to self publish on Amazon and Create Space, thinking it was going to be the easiest and most fast of processes and so it should have been!  But, for some reason unbeknownst to me at this stage, the Universe seems to have another plan for the publishing of my book.  I was outsourcing my formatting and cover design to a site that does the work really cheap and all appeared to be too good to be true...........hmm well maybe it was too good to be true.  It wasn't long before I found that the work that was coming back
just wasn't good enough so I searched for other designers for the cover and found someone who designed the beautiful cover that I have and I was happy!  

I was powering, really pushing to get things done, staying up late or until early morning determined that I would get my book published for the month of January.  The timing was perfect, or so I thought.  But, day after day road blocks were put in my way and then..............last week, during meditation and after having already been through hurdle after hurdle of blocks in publishing the book myself, I asked my Higher Self while I was totally immersed in Source; I asked to please send me the the direction for the perfect publishing for my book.  In less than half an hour after arriving home from my meditation class the phone rang.  It was an unrecognised number.  I picked it up to find an American accent and immediately I felt annoyed, assuming someone wanted to sell me something I did not want.  As it turned out, it was a publishing consultant from Xlibris Publishing.  I had been approached by them over a year ago in regards to an inquiry I had made when looking at publishing my first book "Birthing a New Reality" (still unpublished), but I was too busy caring for my Dad and told them to stop hassling me and so they did.  Then all of a sudden 12 months later they rang me on the very day I had asked for the right direction with Publishing.  Was it a sign?  I still had my own ideas and I wanted to be totally in control of it all, so I put it aside once again and continued to try to push the road blocks out of the way.  But I soon found that I couldn't go through them, I couldn't go under them and I couldn't go around them, so that meant I would have to go over them.  I let go of control and listened again to the offers Xlibris were offering me and I asked them the question. "Why do you want my book besides making a sale?"  Lo and behold, the next morning I received a phone call from the publishing consultant, Caesar and he was having a giggle but he did say my query had made him pick up my book and read it.  Now, I was still listening for signs of the salesman, but true to his word, he had not only read the book, he had immersed himself in the Truths of the book and we had a really good chat about things going from the book and beyond.  We went to what lay before the book, what lay to the left of the book, what lay to the right of the book and what lay above the book. 

I think I had my answer, but just to make sure I was listening the Universe sent me a couple more road blocks in regards to the tiny percentage of the human me that was still considering the "do it all myself road".  I finally let go of control and signed with Xlibris and am looking forward to the journey that will take me on.  However, my book will not be ready now until some time in March.  That's ok with me, I will be in a new personal year vibration and although I was trying to be in control and have it come in under the vibration of the 22 which is my life lesson and is the sacred mathematics of the LUXOR Light symbol, she will now be birthed under the vibration of the 23/5 which corresponds to my destiny vibration and does represent change and Truth and all of that which I will write about another time.  

I have let go and let God and Divine Timing will now be when the book is published.  But she is in good hands of that I feel sure and I trust you will travel with me along this new birthing journey into a world of Truth that is soon to be birthed through a series of my books.

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