Saturday, 3 January 2015


.I am offering a further reduction to the LUXOR Light Online Ascension program for the month of January to coincide with the upcoming publishing of my new book "The Pendulum, Powered by the Awakening Soul". Please visit my website to get started and take up this offer! You will be added to a private group on Facebook so you can receive added assistance and ask as many questions as you like along the way! Forever membership included!

Normally $333, now only $133! What do all the 3's mean?.... 333 is the Ascended Masters and you will find I always work with the master numbers! 133 brings in your attentions toward your ascension fully supported by the Ascended Masters.

4th January is the official start for this program offer to begin, but you can join any time after and you will still be included in the mentoring group. Why 4th January? Because 4.1.2015=22 (4+1+2+0+15=22).... and you will soon learn all about why the 22! And wait! That is not all, LUXOR Light is still in her 22 personal vibational year up until 3.3.2015 which means by entering the program during the month of January, you will be entering in on a 22:22 Gateway! That means really BIG things in regards to setting the foundations and preparing the construction of your personal pyramid! But you can start any time in January for this price! 
.. lets go... or in Egyptian... yella ! yella!

Scroll to the bottom of the home page to initiate the transaction and contact me for further details ... You will receive an energy body analysis and alignment and then the transmission. Of energy will begin before you start the course.  This is a personal contact course and you will be personally supported all the way.

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