Friday, 30 January 2015

LUXOR Light Ascension Level One e-Course

ChristinA shares her passion and lovingly leads you through this transformational three Part Ascension Program to assist you to develop your higher dimensional chakras and accelerate the Path of Initiation on the Ladder of Consciousness in preparing you for your path of Mastery. You will laugh, you will cry, you will remember who you are and most of all you will Awaken not once, not twice, but you will continue to Awaken to greater levels of consciousness. This is for the Beginner and this is for the Advanced! We are always ascending!
A powerful and yet simple process of healing through meditation under the umbrella of ChristinA and her Higher Self initiating and accessing your Higher-Self, opening you to your Higher Purpose 
A Self-Healing program for the Multi-Dimensional Self.
Merge into and activate your Fifth Dimensional chakras to awaken, align and balance your Masculine and Feminine chakra system.
This is a process of ascension in readiness for the descending of your Higher Self. 
Through the raising of kundalini in a safe and gentle manner you will fast track healing of not only past lives but also through all other realities that may exist simultaneously with this one.
When you register for your LUXOR Light Ascension E-Course online, you will be invited to join our private group on Facebook so you can share your journey and receive all the help you need from me (ChristinA).  I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

Can I just say I am learning masses from being in this group, so many questions and new understandings being talked about. its like everything being explained finally, stepping into energy university. very happy and grateful to be hear. not to mention all the energy shifts of course. Finally feel like i have some answers and actually moving forward. Thank you Christina
  • BB says Christina has made this incredibly accessible and if you found her then your ready. My experiences suggest this is considerably advanced energy work in line with what the mystery schools teach, the origins of all energy except christina teaches with love and openness not fear and secrecy which was the original intent. Probably why i dropped out of the Mystery School system. if your here its because you have done this dance before, I think. But yes God I wish this was part of a fundamental education system, it certainly will be for my child.
  • BB says but regardless of whatever level it is perceived to be (which is irrelevant) its wonderful energy work

If you feel this is for you, we would love you to join us......Follow the link

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