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Alpha and Omega

LUXOR Light and the Alpha and the Omega
Alpha and Omega Chakras

Alpha and Omega Chakras

These two chakras are significant in opening us to the forward movement of our ascension process.  The Alpha is just above the crown of our head and it is Masculine in energy.  It connects us to the God-Force/I Am Presence/Father and is part of the key to anchoring our monadic consciousness.  It is a higher extension to our Crown chakra if you like; it is much higher but they are both of the "Father" energy.  When Alpha is open we are able to move closer to our "mission", our "purpose" but it can close on and off.  When closed you will find you are often confused and not receiving clear guidance which in turns sends you into confusion.  You can see this chakra will not  be open to those who still belong to the "Old World" because the Old World is a world of confusion and chaos. When open, the confusion dissipates and the chaos begins to clear... or in some cases is drawn rapidly forward so you can move through the chaos in order to find the harmony within.  

The Omega Chakra is located just below the feet and is Feminine in nature.  Omega is of Feminine/Goddess/Mother energy and she helps us integrate our spiritual "path" into the earth.  In other words, without a fully open and activated Omega chakra we are not able to fully manifest or birth our purpose ( which comes through Alpha).  It's like this... Alpha the Father, Omega the Mother and without the two working in unison they cannot create.  So we have the trinity energy, the triangle, the triad.... Father, Mother and Creation.  Just like Shiva and Shakti, they cannot work without each other, the creation cannot come into form without fully open and activated Alpha and Omega. When Omega is closed, it is a definite sign that you are off track even if very slightly.  It is a sign that you have veered off your path and the direction you are following is not the right one and that could simply be through your thoughts, not necessarily your whole path.  It is a sign that something is not in alignment with your true purpose. 

Alpha and Omega when fully open and active bring us to our full potential but then there is no end to our full potential.  So, Alpha and Omega keep us moving further into our potential which is full at any particular point in time but it becomes greater the more we strive onwards and upwards in consciousness.  Just like our Earthly Mothers and Fathers, they keep us always striving for our highest potential, only this potential is of our Spiritual Nature.  

Finding Alpha and Omega

I often find people drawn to me when they are ready to activate their Alpha and Omega chakras and if they place their focus on understanding their energy, they find their life begins to change.  What is important to remember, is that to open does not guarantee that it will stay open.  But it is easier to re-open each time they close down.  

What is it to be ready to open Alpha and Omega?  It means we are ready to find the Self.  We are ready to go deep within, to inquire within about "Who Am I and why am I here?  But the inquiry is in such a way that you do not need to bring mind into it.  You only have to be still and Alpha and Omega are ready and willing to open and assist you to find your Self; the God Self that resides within your own Heart Chakra.

The Twin Flames of Alpha and Omega within

When you are ready to bring the balanced aspects of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine into your Heart and Unite them you have begun to activate the flame of Unity, within.  Your world begins to change, you begin to change.  But you fluctuate in and out, up and down, until you can hold the balance and you are the God and the Goddess, you are Androgynous, you are both polarities of the one soul united.  You have connected with the twin soul, the flames that burn eternally within your own heart space, igniting the desire for higher and higher consciousness.  

Awakening Alpha and Omega

You can register for an energy analysis at LUXOR Light Ascension to find out if you have awakened your Alpha and Omega chakras or If you would like to know more about how you can activate your Alpha and Omega Chakras and maintain them in harmony with each other by understanding your energy field, visit my website and register for the LUXOR Light Ascension Online program.  You will learn through experience while being fully supported in the process toward understanding.

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