Sunday, 14 December 2014

My First e-Book in the Making

While teaching in Luxor, Egypt and giving a demonstration healing Jason began to levitate
"One day at a gathering where the special guest speaker was a clairvoyant/medium, I entered the room and prepared to sit down and the clairvoyant started fidgeting and turned and spoke directly to me.  “I don’t normally do this” she said, “but I am being told to tell you that you have a special gift as a healer”.  So what, I thought, doesn’t everyone?  I looked at her and said “I am a Colour Therapist”.  She gave me a stern look and said “no, spiritual healing”.  I said “it’s the same thing” and she was clearly annoyed with me by now and stated firmly “No, Spiritual Healing!”  I can see now how annoying I must have been to her as I kept bumbling “do you mean teaching?” Because I really wasn’t getting any regular clients and she looked like she was running out of patience with me and she replied, “Yes, that too, but they say Spiritual Healing!”  I finally shut up realising I had annoyed her, but to me I didn’t see that I was any different to anyone else in the room; they were all healers of one modality or another and most far more experienced than me.  It would be some years before I would realise what she meant by “Spiritual Healing”.  "............. 
I'm writing my first e-Book so I can bring more clarity to you about where LUXOR Light originated and to lead up to my main book that has been taking me years to write. I get so bogged down with it because it has become bigger than Ben Hur or Gone with the wind, so I've taken a new direction deciding to write some smaller books to start with and help me learn more of the process of book writing before the biggy comes into being .  I want to share with you some snippets as I gather together the first of what I intend to be many books sharing what I know with those of you who would like to learn a little more of the healing world, or simply the world of walking the path of ascension.  I would love it if you can give me some feed back by commenting as I share snippets here and there.  

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