Monday, 22 December 2014

I felt like a Star Person walking down into a Pharaoh's body - Excerpt from "Powered Pendulum""The Pendulum, Powered by the Awakening Soul"


A Testimonial
I used your Twin Soul waters drops last night and had a very comforting sleep and woke with the realisation that I am Enough, exactly as I am - with or without a partner.  The feelings of incompleteness and even shame at going to events on my own suddenly was irrelevant - to the point that anyone who did partner me would have to be worthy of MY company.  The sadness and heartache of ended relationships simply wasn't there - or the feelings that I had failed / could have done more to make those relationships work; it just felt that it had been the right time to end those relationships at the times they were ended - and all was perfect for the evolution of all involved. (no more beating myself up).
The magnificent and peaceful (and funny at times) Ametron Truth healing you gave me today was beyond words to describe its powerful shifts that occurred during the healing - I lay down on your massage table as one person and got up as another.  It felt like I was birthing another and more evolved version of Me. The experience was overwhelming in its peace, power, magnificence and evolution (as well as joyfulness and confidence ….. I felt like a kid who has just been taken to Disneyworld … there was Everything to do!).
At times I felt like my body was covered by armour of light, and then the armour integrated to become part of me - and I felt invincible, safe and nothing could hurt me (this was the first time I ever felt completely safe and trusting to be in the world - and the Power of Being Safe was liberating - I feel that I can now do or tackle or face anything ….. no more combat or struggle or defensiveness).  Then I felt like a Star Person walking down into a Pharaoh's body - with all the power and authority that body carried with it.
While you were working on me, I felt Energy Centres in my brain opening up and activating - like I was being awakened in a way I had never known before.  I will be interested to see how these openings / activations play a new part in my life.
At times it felt like pure and powerful light was streaming from my open mouth (light instead of sound / or as part of sound) - the sound streamed into the world / universe (it had a purpose, but I do not know what it is yet).  The words 'I have arrived!' cycled in my head - and I felt solid and Welcomed and HERE.  (for years I have felt that I was outstaying my welcome and not wanted to have around … not had the Right to Be Here.)
Tears filled my eyes at times during the healing, and then quickly left me with the feeling of Welcome and Peace and Presence … I Am Here  - and at last I am comfortable, confident and peaceful to be here.
It has been a long time since I received a healing from ChristinA and since the last time (several years ago) her Energy nd Power have expanded exponentially - she walks in Grace with the Masters.  It was such a privilege to share that Energy space with you. 

Thank you more than I can ever say
Western Australia

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