Monday, 15 December 2014

Excerpt from my new e-Book

I really appreciate you guys reading my blogs and helping me gain some confidence in getting my first e-book out there.  Hopefully not too much longer before it comes into being.  I hope you enjoy the next little snippet and I hope to give you my book title in the next few days... hey and maybe even the book cover!  I'd love it if you leave me a comment! Happy, Happy!

"I would simply drag myself to the kitchen in a drug-like state and rustle something together for him to eat and return to my own space to allow the process to continue.  It was difficult to pull myself completely out of these states and dangerous to even contemplate leaving the house to drive.  Looking back, I do feel for my children having to grow up this way without a “normal” Mum.

I scrambled out of bed the following morning feeling thick with the blanketing of intense, heavy energy placing me in a state of almost numbness to my physical body.  It was difficult to function on a human level but somehow I managed to organise Taylor for school.  In a dazed state I used all the strength and focus I had to drive my son the short distance to school.  Luckily we lived close to the school and the streets were quiet so I could drive slowly and carefully and then I drove home and stumbled through the door and back into bed as if I had just run a marathon.  I slipped back into a deep trance-like state, only to awaken having what would appear to the onlooker as a fit.  My whole body was “fitting”.  I was conscious, so I asked questions to myself “what is going on now?” hoping for some answer to come from somewhere to give me a clear explanation of what weird and wonderful thing was happening to me.  To be sure I was safe and not being affected by a dark energy, I used an invocation drawing on the Light of Christ within me and insisted that if this fitting state was anything that was not of the Christ Consciousness then it must stop NOW!  It didn’t stop even though I was able to stop it with my own mind control.  I felt like someone had plugged me in to an electric power socket and turned the switch to “on” and the rush of power was coursing through my body so strongly that it was like an electrocution, but with no pain."

Thanks for reading!  
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