Thursday, 20 November 2014

Because of No Head

Drawing of St Germaine by Christina Ritchie
Saint Germaine

The Headless Buddha

Last week just before I woke I saw a vision of a headless Buddha, it was a painting and I knew I had painted it because it was very amateurish.  I wondered at the message thinking I was being shown that I should paint and paint Buddhas, but I questioned that message and just let it be, after all I can't paint and I can't draw.  I had written about it with some of my group as a way of keeping a record just in case I did start to paint and I'd have a reminder of the message in my agog state.  After my meditation class that morning, I was packing up my things and promptly dropped my Buddha and his head fell off!  I was shocked and a little spooked and one of the girls, Leanne Burong Black who is one of the LUXOR Light teachers began laughing because she had remembered my post about the headless Buddha.  It was all a little too obvious to me that I had to take notice of my earlier message.  I went home and Googled the headless Buddha and found that there is such a Buddha.  Recognised in the Hindu tradition as Chinnamasta, a female female Buddha is associated with the awakening kundalini and Self-Sacrifice and her name means " she whose head is severed". And in the Buddhist tradition they have what is considered the same entity but known as Chinnamunda .... I wasn't too sure about the symbology of "she whose head is severed", although one of the meditation participants had suggested it meant "no mind". Chinnamasta, according to, symbolises both life-giver and life-taker and is considered both a symbol of self-control on sexual desire as well as an embodiment of sexual energy, depending upon interpretation. Tantric practitioners worship Chhinnamasta for acquiring siddhis or supernatural powers. Her mantra is, Srim hrim klim aim Vajravairocaniye hum hum phat svaha. Read more at:
I continued to search for more symbology and came across a book called "On No Head" written by a Douglas Harding.  I'm looking forward to reading the book but from what I can gather he talks about an experience he had while wandering around in India when he had the experience of feeling as if he had no head.

On further research, I found that a Mahasiddha Khanhapa (Krsnacarya), had taught his students a meditation technique on the severed head just before he died, but I haven't found any such material on what that is all about.

So, I had some interesting reading but still not really sure what all this symbology was all about.  I decided that night, that I would try to draw.  I didn't have paints to paint so, I would draw.  I began, believing that I cannot draw, but maybe I should just take up drawing Buddhas until I can' draw one and so I did. Now, I'm going to share my journey of drawing.  To date it is 9 days since I started drawing and every day or evening, I have had a vision and each vision has come to me in the image of a sketch or a drawing and every image is that of a Holy Person or Enlightened Master.  In the last few days I have begun to see close ups of drawings of noses, chins and so on.  I am caring for my Father, so as I sit with him, I draw the images that I have seen in my dreams or on waking each day.  As yet, I am not drawing from direct memory of what was in my mind but I do hope that I will be able to draw completely intuitively eventually, but for now, I see the image in my dreams, visions and meditations and then when time presents itself during the day, I find an image that closely resembles that to which I have seen, to keep it alive in my mind and then I draw while calling on the Master's energy to come to me and through me.  I chant mantras that are specific to a particular energy of which I am to portray on paper.  I wonder now, if the Buddha with no head was showing me that I have allowed myself enough stillness to be able to tap into that part of me that allows me to draw and the drawings must have a purpose therefore I am sharing them.  So far those who have experienced my drawings have reported back to me the specific energy they feel, each having differing experiences with each drawing.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me as I share post by post from the beginning and along the journey..........

My Spirit Drawings

The following images are my first attempts at drawing.  They were me just finding a way to draw Buddhas. 

My first attempt at a headless Buddha

This one I drew upside down hoping to tap into the right brain, but I did copy this one from the cover of a book.  I held the book upside down while I also drew it from the bottom of the page to the top.

This one I tried to draw just from my mind, quite unsuccessfully

By now I had decided to try copying to see if I had any ability at all

I wasn't happy with the nose on this one, so I had another go

I was happy with this one.

It was time to sleep.  I was happy that I could copy to a reasonable degree and decided that I would continue practicing my drawing with the hope that I would improve.  You might think these are very basic, but seriously you should have seen my past efforts, which had me just not even trying to draw, choosing to simply doodle and even that was very basic.

That night as I was entering into sleep, not asleep, not awake, I saw a vision again and this time it was a drawing of a Buddha (he had a head this time) and very quickly after the image of the Buddha appeared in my minds eye the sketched image of the Ascended Master el Morya.  Now I felt I had an obvious message to draw and not worry about painting and that I was to go further than just Buddha So, I decided to go shopping and purchase some drawing materials and that night I began drawing again. 

And now it was time to attempt drawing Ascended Master el Morya.  I wasn't feeling confident but as it turns out I was more than pleased with what came out on the paper.  I was still using an image to guide me and keep the image clear in my mind, but all the same this is a vast improvement from anything I had attempted before.

drawing of el Morya by Christina Ritchie
The Ascended Master el Morya

That evening, true to form, I had more visions, one as I woke in the morning and the other after chatting on the phone with my daughter.  Buddha again as I woke and then just as I hung up to phone to my daughter, I closed my eyes and there was Quan Yin and so my drawing project for the day was set.

drawing of Quan Yin by ChristinA Ritchie
Quan Yin

That evening I was shown Jesus and I was a little nervous to attempt this one and as I plucked up the courage I decided to do a live drawing of my Dad.  I was very surprised to find that my drawing of my Dad was a very close likeness.  I'm not sharing that one because it's personal but I did share it with my children, my sister and my sister in-law and all were surprised at the likeness I had captured.  No more putting it off I attempted my first Jesus image.

He does look like he has a slice of lemon over his head, but nonetheless I am still pleased with it.

On the evening of the 15th November 2014, it was Mary Magdalene who showed herself to me.  I looked for an image that was close to how I saw her.  I did see her with flowers in her hair but I couldn't find anything that I felt  was appropriate and chose to use a stain glass image to help me find my inspiration.  I wasn't sure when I finished her, I felt she looked a little like a cartoon character and so I chose to find another image to help me find the energy I was looking for.  However, she has grown on me now and I love her gentle soft energy.  

My second attempt at finding the energy I was looking for with Mary Magdalene.
The Mary Magdalene images have very different energies and I like them both now for different reasons.  But I have noticed that each day that I look upon them I am drawn more to one than the other and that is just an example of how the energy works for us in each moment for where we are at.

The image that I was to draw on the 17th November was another image of Jesus.  This time I saw the image as full body hands down and palms facing out, I was sure it was Jesus and yet I head the name John the Baptist.  When I went to draw him I ended up with just a head and shoulders, so I know I have to find a bigger sketch book to attempt the full body image and I will also draw a John the Baptist at some point just to cover all bases. 

I really love this image of Jesus, I hope you enjoy too

Very quickly after seeing this image of Jesus I saw who I recognised to be Melchizedek.  Melchizedek is a very powerful energy, so again I had a slight nervousness about bringing him through, but I was happy with the end result.

The Ascended Master Melchizedek

It was now 6 days since the visions began and they were still coming every day, so I eagerly continue.  I can see my progression with my ability to draw, or maybe it's not me, maybe it is another aspect of me on a higher level.  I now feel the original message must have been that I have come to enough of a place of no mind to be able to step aside from my limiting ego and therefore able to produce a new degree of work.  I'm sure as I step more and more away from any limitations that may test me, the work will become equal to my ability to channel the Sacred Language of Light.

My next drawing was shown to me as the Ascended Master Hilarion and quickly followed by Saint Francis of Assissi

Ascended Master Hilarion

Saint Francis of Assissi
The evening of the 18th I saw an image of a goddess but she showed herself like the previous image of Quan Yin that I had already drawn, only she gave me the name of Ameratesu.  Well, I don't know that I recognised it as Ameratesu, but I thought it sounded like Tiramasu the cake, so I wrote that down, but in the morning I simply knew the name of Ameratesu even though I had not come across her before.  I googled to find out who she was and found that she was a Japanese Sun Goddess and she gave me a message as I was drawing her..... "Awaken from the shadows of darkness and let the light shine in".  I enjoyed finding my expression of Ameratesu and have had wonderful feedback from my group regarding the energy they feel from her. 

The final drawing for this post was shown to me last night when a friend had asked if I could try doing one for her.  I can't say 100% if he came through specifically for her or if he was coming anyway, but anyhow I love the way he has come through.  As I drew him I chanted the mantra "I Am the Silver Violet Fire, I Am the Unity of Gods Desire".... this is the Beloved Saint Germaine.

Saint Germaine

I think you can see the progression I have made in such a short time.  I look forward to sharing my other images as they come through.  I hope you receive insights and healing from them as I have done.   

Becoming of No Mind

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Many Blessings