Monday, 27 January 2014

Karnak in a New Light

I've been coming to Egypt two or three times a year on average since 2006 and in fact this trip is my 15th trip, and in all that time I have been bringing groups except for one or two trips and I have never used a guide before.  I have never used a guide because my focus and the focus for my groups was to be purely on the energy work, but this year for some unknown reason we have embarked upon using a guide.  What could the reason be?  Could it be that it took 15 trips to stumble upon the guide that had something for us, I think this just might be the case.  I like to be different, weird even maybe some might say, but whatever it is, I do things differently and that's not likely to change in the near future, if ever, but here we are at Karnak with a guide named Ashraf who took us on an amazing journey into a world we had not seen before.  Insights upon insights, not the usual but more intuitive with a touch of something magic that had us all spell bound.  
With the wisdom held within Ashraf's consciousness coupled with our energetic knowing we found we had a day like no other... secrets abound too! .... but you will have to come to find out..

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