Friday, 20 December 2013

He's got the Healing Powers!!!!!!!!!

I haven't written for ages, it's simply been such a full on year, with so much to say and yet so little time to say it.  For that I feel blessed really but also feel I need to whip it up to being able to work on auto speed in my sleep just so I can share.  It's so obvious to me that this year has been amazing for everyone and we can see all around us so many people waking up and talking the conscious talk.  

I was picking up my 15 year old son the other night and he asked if I could give a couple of his friends a lift home too.  I had the healing table in the back of my 2 door Festiva so the back seats were down so I said as long as they didn't mind sitting on top of the healing table.  They scrambled in the back of the car and one said "Oh is this the healing table,?Teejai has been telling us about you being a healer".  I smiled to myself and said I thought that was interesting and asked what had he been saying.  "Oh he said you're a healer but so much more than that!  He said he has the healing powers too and if any of us are in trouble he's the one to come to see".  I smiled again - proud mother!  "Yes he does also hold the healing powers".  One of them was quiet and didn't speak, maybe he was tired just returning the day before from a trip to climb the Himalayas with his mother, but the other kept talking.  "So do you do readings and stuff?"  Not really only through my healing work.  "So, can you see auras?"  Yes I can see auras.  "So, can you see mine now?"  I giggled as I looked into the rear vision mirror and said no.  He giggled and said "yeah".  But I said "Taylor (Teejaii) can actually see auras far better than me" to which Taylor turned around to look at his mates and said "yeah not any more but".  The young lad in the back said "oh come on Teejaii!!!!  Get that consciousness rising!  Come on dude wake back up to it!"  Then he continued "Can you get rid of demons?"  Well it's not the work I like to do but yes I can help you get ride of negative energies and entities.  "Oh well I think I'm going to need to come and see you".  I asked him why and he said "I see ghosts and stuff all the time and I see demons in people and I used to see these grey things all skinny with big eyes".  You are seeing extra terrestrials.  "What ET's?  Do you reckon that's what it is?"  Yes but if they are bothering you, all you need to do is let them know that you know you are far more powerful than they are and tell them to go away.  "I reckon I'm going to try that.  Hey, what's your name?"  My name is ChristinA.  "Well ChristinA, I'm sooo pleased to meet you and it's been great talking to you, see you again hey!"  I dropped the boys off near their home and drove on ....
"I've got some really cool mates Mum, we really look out for each other".  

Just one of the many amusing and inspiring experiences with my son Taylor and his mates.  I love 2013 and can't wait for what is going to transpire in the new year!

Happy Christmas Everyone!

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