Friday, 25 October 2013

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Raising our frequency and raising our consciousness while on planet earth is called ascension and our focus is all about healing our chaos within so that we might find that seemingly elusive peace that comes when one has reached liberation upon the wheel of rebirth.  We hear people talking about "this is my last incarnation"; I don't have to come back again.  I've listened to this from many people and have always felt a little estranged from this concept.  When it comes to me, I look around me and while I am not really any different to anyone else, I have had to move through the chaos, the baggage and leave it all behind, but all the while I have never felt the need to leave and never come back.  Ultimately I just don't feel the need to leave.  Even at my darkest hour, "leaving" was out of the question; even in my darkest hour I have still wanted to make a difference and mostly I have always wanted to be here to witness the changes.  

We're all "witnessing" the changes now and I see more clearly now why others have felt the pull to go "Home" and why they feel so connected to the fact that they don't have to come back again.  I say I "see" why they feel this, but I did not say I now "feel" this concept.  However, I do have a newer version of needing (and wanting) to be here to witness the changes.  Now, it feels like "Oh Wow, well if all the channeled writing that comes through is true and correct, then in the next 30 years everyone will be enlightened and no one will have to come back!"  What?  Only 30 years and it's all done!  Surely not, maybe 30 years to complete an individual ascension starting from scratch once the awakening begins because that's not long at all,  surely there is still work to be done.  I'm wanting to do the work, I want to see more changes, I want to be more of the change, I want to see where the changes go.  I think it's probably more likely 2000 years and I'm happy to stay for the long haul.  I'm also happy for people to choose to continue their ascension elsewhere but I still don't feel the desire to go elsewhere, but rather I feel the pull to do more work helping others get there down here on planet earth.

Here's how I see it/feel it, and I say to you, don't take my word as gospel, but simply allow yourself to honour your own "feeling" and take what resonates and let the rest simply be because my understanding may trigger an understanding within you that allows you to either "wake up" to a higher consciousness, or it may "wake you up" to a greater  understanding of what you can do with your higher consciousness and ultimately that is all I'm really interested in; "waking us all up to higher levels of consciousness" after all it is a never ending cycle.  We do not "arrive" and boom that's it.  We arrive and "boom", what's next?

For those who choose to leave after they have ascended to the fifth dimension, and many have already done that and are now floundering around wondering still what is it all about, what do I do now?  Well what you do now is make a decision.  Do you leave and continue your ascension elsewhere, because you were in a hurry to get there when you were in your "stuff"? Or, could you be of use around here?  Maybe it's not so bad around here when you are out of the chaos, maybe you could rethink and decide to hang around a bit and help others out of their stuff?  How about that?  Now that's an idea you may not have thought about.  If  you are floundering and can't figure out what to do with yourself, think about that, because if you take a look around you, you will see 30 years is a reasonably long time to be bored.  You might as well get to work doing something and why not help others move onward and upward.  You might not like the idea of leaving so early after all.  

Ascension is about raising your frequency and now we see many who have made it through the first major shifts and now pondering what to do with themselves.  Consider this..... "What goes up must come down".
If you have "gone up", gone and raised your frequencies into the Fifth Dimension and still waiting for a clue as to what to do with yourself, have you considered that it's not about raising yourself up and then floating around in the clouds where all seems to be bliss and oh so nice but seriously it's really of no earthly good.  How can you make it "of earthly good"?  How can you make use of it?  What is the point of being raised up if you are doing nothing with it?  

Many many moons ago I had a teacher.  Her name was Margaret Noelle Leven.  She was my first real teacher of all things spiritual and apart from my grandmother I would say the only teacher I have really had of all things spiritual.  She was the person that gave me my direction and awakened me to what it was that I would do in this world to make a difference.  Anyway, Noelle, as she was known used to remind us all the time "not to be so spiritual that we were of no earthly good".  My understanding of that at the time was not much except a bunch of words that echoed in my mind for years and never went away until I understood it as needing to be grounded.  I probably never really gave it much thought because I spent most of my life "not grounded", but as the actualising of becoming grounded began to take place I began to truly understand what she meant.  But you see the thing is that we truly understand things at the level we need the understanding when we are working that understanding, if that makes sense.  And, you see the thing is I now have another understanding of this analogy because now I have grounded, and so what then, what next, what happens when you are grounded, you have finally arrived down here on this earth plane.  Finally anchored that heavenly self on the earth.... or is it truly anchored?  Maybe we land and then that is when so many get lost again; floundering once again, with all this highly charged higher consciousness, high frequency energy with little or no ego to go with it but what to do with it.  "Go Home", you might say.  Well, you did go Home; you went Home, you gathered your higher frequency and then you brought it back, you didn't leave, you are still here.  So what did you bring it back for, have you considered that?  Are you now, so spiritual you are of no earthly good?  Flounder flounder.... sorry I don't mean to tease you, but I am hoping to trigger something in you...

What Goes Up Must Come Down
Now is the time to bring all that higher consciousness into action and anchor it.  Think about it, "what goes up must come down. Now it is time to "Be of the Earth" or "Be on the Earth".  Like the upward pointing triangle, you have strived to raise your consciousness to meet with God and now that you have met with that Heavenly aspect of yourself in the Realms of God it is time to bring it back like the downward pointing triangle and share it with others; make it manifest.  Is this not what we mean about creating "Heaven on Earth"?  How can we create Heaven on Earth?  We need to anchor "our Heavenly energies" on Earth.  Make manifest that which we are.  Now I leave you to allow the triggers to begin to go off within you as you begin to make manifest that which you are...........

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