Saturday, 19 October 2013

Doing Your Universal Maths Homework

I was reading a blog this morning called "Dear Universe" by Hannah Hempenstall.  It triggered within me to "wonder" whether the concept of going public with some of what's floating in my field might send the message to the Universe that I'm not joking, I really am ready and if Universe could show me how to pull it all together then that would be rather super dooper!  

My life is not the norm, I don't live in one place, I don't have a base to call my own, I move every 3 weeks, I live totally on the trust process and that means allowing the Universe to provide abundance in the moment when I have a mission to accomplish.  I'm 53 years young, but living like a 16 year old who just left home.  Well, actually I did leave home at 16 and in the gap between 16 and now I have had most of what people would call a relatively normal life, (some might argue that fact as not true, but normal for me) and then 3 years or so ago that all changed and my life became very transient.  Now I'm not sure what the Universe has in store for me, but I'm not feeling any pull to set down roots in a permanent residence, I'm certainly not likely to enter the world of "working for the man", I left that life some 30 years ago to do it "my way" and I'm still doing it.  I would imagine most people would not be able to live off my income but I manage rather well and have adapted easily to leaving the world of material possessions, debt and contracts behind.  

So, if I have such a clear slate what do I want to create in my new world of Heaven on Earth?  That is an interesting question that I ponder now and again.  Patience is a virtue and I am still very solid in knowing with that inner feeling that all is perfectly positioned so that I do have a clear slate so I can create something that is so very brand new and nothing can hold me back.  I don't want for much other than the desire to make a difference and to help others.  I have no desire towards materiality, because it is in my belief system that I attract all that I Am, so therefore whatever is my true reflection will appear in the perfect time and in response to the energy I give out.  I have noticed however, that wherever I place my focus I manifest rather rapidly.  This being the case all I have to do is truly know what I want to drive my life and purpose forward.

So what is stirring in my field that I would like to bring forward?  
My vision of the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension  in Luxor is underway (including the volunteer projects for sustainable living to provide a better future for Egyptians) and I have total faith that it will come to fruition and it will become a place that is run by those with only love in their hearts and a community that will not require money to drive it but the energy of loving compassion in action.  This is the energy of the Buddha, it will be run by a group of Buddhas!  

Now what else is stirring in my field?  
My book is stirring strongly in my field so I ask to find the space, time and support to accomplish that because I know in my heart of hearts my book and then books are my keys to everything else that will come forth for me from this moment forward.  

And so what else?  
There is "someone" stirring in my field that seems to meet me at the level of the mind plane.  I would like to meet that person in the physical and get to know them.  I would like to find out what makes them tick and share our visions for a better world and how we will continue being a part of accomplishing that.  I know after that everything else will fall into place.

So how about it Universe? 
I know it's out of my hands and we need a twist of fate, but if  F = 6 + a = 1 + t = 2 + e = 5 and that all equals 14 and then 1 + 4 = 5 and 5 = Change, Truth, New World, Expansion, Peace, the perfected Hu man and probably a whole lot of talking and because talking has never been my weak point, I say let's get the ball rolling; I'm ready to meet up with "fate" so let's do our sums and make it happen!

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