Thursday, 3 October 2013

Mission Heaven on Earth

This morning I posted on my blog that I would be speaking on Healing Fountain Blog Talk Radio and from that post I received my 33rd follower on Google+.  This deserves recognition because 33 is a very significant number, so I decided to write a blog about it.  You see 33 is in my birthday 3rd Day 3rd month so it plays a very significant role in my journey.  But 33 plays a very significant role in all our journey's.  33 according to Doreen Virtue says the Ascended Masters are surrounding you and assisting you in all ways.  She says it means they have come to help us with our mission and bring answers to our prayers.  To me it also brings for the master energy of Divine Love because 33 is a master number and master numbers bring master energies.  3+3=6 and the 6 carries the energy of love.  But let's not stop there; 33 was the documented age of Jesus when he was crucified and his crucifixion was key in him activating the purpose of his mission for humanity.  Therefor we can also say that the 33 energy can help in awakening one to their mission and soul purpose.  33 is also said to be the number of the humanitarian and LUXOR Light is now bringing a significant energy that can be seen as held under the banner of the humanitarian with our projects in Egypt at present that are aimed toward building a better future for those living in poverty and bringing new skills and help to families that would otherwise not have the opportunity.  33 is a mover and a shaker, a vibration that gets things done and we are certainly moving into a phase of getting things done.

In the bible the number 33 is connected to the promises of God and the divine name of God, Elohim, appears 33 times in the story of creation found in the opening chapters of Genesis. Number 33 is also a numerical representation of the Star of David and the Star of David represents bringing Heaven on Earth.  This is what we are wanting to achieve in Luxor as we have ascended and now it is time to bring that energy of ascension to the earth.  We are doing our bit while carrying the frequencies of LUXOR Light, the energy of Heaven and anchor that on earth.  

I always attribute the frequency of Magenta to the number 33 because it is the perfect balance of heaven and earth with the red that keeps us of the earth and the violet that keeps us drawn into the heavens and betwixt them both we have magnificent Magenta!!

There are many symbolic meanings for the number 33 but basically to me it represents the Awaking of a Soul's mission, so I wanted to thank the person who decided to follow my blog this morning because she activated this energy for the purposes that I will speak of on the Healing Fountain Radio show next week.  But that is not all, I want to thank everyone for following me because without you we do not get to the 33 and each person plays their part. From here on each person who follows my blog begins a process of helping to initiate these energies that we endeavour to anchor back into the land of Egypt and who knows we may just create a little reflection of the once upon a time Gardens of Eden.  We are certainly going to give it our best shot to bring the desert alive again!

Check this link on the master numbers

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