Friday, 18 October 2013

Lunar Eclipse October 18-19

The eclipse energies have certainly been cranking. I was knocked out most of yesterday. Ok for sure I've had a full on couple of weeks and a lot of driving so I was knackered but this was beyond that. My body has been one constant hum for a few weeks now but yesterday it built to climax that had me needing to just sleep it off, and that I did for most of the day and still into the night! 

Luna Eclipses come around every 19 years so I was 34 the last time this lunar eclipse occurred at 26* Aries/Libra. What was I doing then? What were you doing then? I would have to say it was the beginning of my ascension path that began when I was 32 and triggered life threatening illness at 33 and moved me steadily towards a path of higher consciousness. The following article says "It's time for the sacred masculine to come back into the world" and this is what I have been seeing in those who have completed their ascension to the 5th dimension or beyond. I myself have been anchoring Ametron - my Angel of the Presence, my I Am and I am seeing many symbols representing the downward triangle symbolising the anchoring of the heavenly self (the Divine Masculine) back to the earth. This is what it is all about and this eclipse seems to be hinting of that also. Our LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension and Sustainable Living projects are all a part of this. Today Ksenija Kresnik Conič flies out for Egypt and will be gathering the information needed to begin our community permaculture gardens project in Luxor. This is another example of anchoring our (LUXOR Light) heavenly energies on earth. 

I share the following artcile, not mine but a good one, I hope you enjoy it... .... and if you want to become a part of LUXOR Light ascension frequencies contact me (  and meet me in Egypt in January / February 2014!

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