Sunday, 20 October 2013

Forever Grateful

A lazy Sunday having breakfast on the back verandah of my parents place. I watch as my dad tends to the self seeded tomato plant along the fence line of the chook pen.  How lucky am I to have this time in the company of my parents; an opportunity to take notice of what I took for granted as a kid growing up in the Mid West of Western Australia.  A typical backyard reminiscent of yesteryear with chooks, hills hoist clothes line, a makeshift bird feeder and veges growing behind the hessian on the plot where the pets of the past are buried; I think we've got Nudget, Judd, Chief and Suzie. Memories of our Beloveds linger as long as we do.  It's a breezy morning and there is a nip in the air and the homemade weather vane points southwest, catching the wind as it stops and starts.  I'm looking forward to the afternoons when the pink and grey galah's  come to hang out in our bird friendly yard.  Ain't Life Grand when you stop to take notice and be grateful for all the moments of peace like these that we have in our lives, and even more grand when we give a moment of thought to those in the world who are not so lucky........ I am forever Grateful and I cast my thoughts to Syria, where do you place yours?

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