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The Path of Initiation

The LUXOR Light Ascension Program assists the initiate to clear the pathways toward and through initiation.
It does not do it for you, you are still the one who must work through the process of initiation in your day to day life, however, it assists with the anchoring of the LUXOR Light Frequency that enables amplified healing and an ability to touch that aspect of one Highest Self, the pure energy of the Mighty I Am Presence to enable continual shifts in consciousness.  It gives you the opportunity to "know the energy of One's Higher Self" and to strive to work toward living in that energy and knowing how and what it takes one to be able to stay there.  Your personal healing process then takes place in a protected and all embracing energy of your True Self.

It was once upon a time that we lived a whole lifetime to work through an initiation, but we don't do that any more.  Now we have the opportunity to work more rapidly through our healing processes; it can be likened to living many lifetimes all in one incarnation!  There is not a lot written about the initiations beyond the twelfth initiation, but in LUXOR Light we have found that while we cover initiations up to the 25th initiation, they do go on and on.  I have through the process of watching and measuring consciousness found that after the 25th initiation shifts seems to move a lot faster.  While I have sought to find information on the initiations to the higher levels there appears to be little or no information but through experience in the system of understanding and knowing how to work the LUXOR Light frequencies we see that we can in fact reach into the infinite levels.  This is not to say people are carrying those levels but with due commitment and dedication it is possible to access the infinite realms in order to gain the Light and healing that is available from there.

We use the words ascension instead of enlightenment but in reality it is one and the same, it is simply a different terminology and there are many different levels that lead us toward the ascension.  I will endeavour here to make it as understandably simple as I can.

According to Theosophy, Initiation is a concept of nine levels of spiritual development that beings who live on Earth can ascend through. Theosophists believe that when souls living on earth have advanced to the fourth level of initiation, they have reached enlightenment and have no need to reincarnate again. Then at the fifth initiation and onward, souls have the opportunity to become members of the Spiritual Hierarchy as was written about by by bothC.W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey beginning in the 1920's.

In Alice A Bailey's book "Initiation", she calls it a "process of undergoing an expansion toward higher levels of consciousness".  Theosophists believe that all souls that have reached the fourth level of initiation and no longer need to reincarnate and that do not choose to becomepratyeka buddhas but choose rather to go straight into Nirvana will gradually continue the ascension process through all of these six higher levels of consciousness over thousands or millions of years, and later over billions or trillions of years, other higher levels even still. Both C.W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey named the first six initiations after the six most important events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

So initiation leads one back to Source/God, along the path of mastering the concepts held within our chakras.  This path is sometimes called the path of the Antakaranah.  Each initation has seven levels to it and so this is why when you say you thought you had dealt with a certain issue/concept only for it to return, what you are actually seeing/feeling is another layer to that concept and with due understanding and healing you are working step by step healing at a greater level each time until finally you have mastered that concept and have met the requirements of that particular initiation.

As we are initiated into the higher levels, we are expected to live impeccably in truth, integrity, and love. Spiritual gifts are received when we are able to maintain the higher levels of initiation and pass spiritual tests. Each individual's tests depend on the lessons he or she needs to learn.

Initiations One, Two and Three

The first two initiations happen on a level that is often not not even noticed but after that one will usually find a teacher to assist them to greater levels. I will endeavour to give you comparisons by some well know writers and philosophers and also include some of my own discoveries along the way.

The bulk of the population of Humanity are working below the first initiation which is known as the probationary path.  

According to Alice A. Bailey, at the first initiation one gains full control of the physical body  and this is represented as finding mastery over such things as sex, food, sleep etc.  It is known as the Birth Initiation and one may find they are all of a sudden becoming drawn to things of a spiritual nature.  At this level we are developing an appreciation for nature and a desire to do good and there is now a desire for greater spiritual understanding and gaining a balance of moderation as the key to existence.

At the second initiation one gains full control of the astral body.  This is the body that governs our emotional self and it is where we really begin to have a desire to know one’s true self.  Material desire is being transcended to that of spiritual desire towards liberation and God realisation.   Here, one is learning to heal the victim and begin instead to master and cause, the kundalini begins to stirr.
This initiation has been associated with the Initiation of the Baptism or Purification through Water as seen in some Ancient Egyptian Reliefs.

The third initiation (Transfiguration) leads us toward the process of merging Soul with the Being incarnate on here on Earth and we begin to gain mastery over the mental body and your thought processes.  This level allows for awakening of what we call in the LUXOR Light system as the Alpha Chakra (Soul Chakra).  You are now more loving and giving and wanting to be of service for the greater good.  This is the completion of the first stage on the path of the Antakarana bridge of light that links our higher mind to soul and then in due course second stage will link soul to Spirit.  You now want to be a part of Unity Consciousness and strive to work toward leaving the "Wheel of Rebirth".  You may find you are now being tested in mastering "listening" to your intuition because at this level according to Alice Bailey, the individual is now fully developing intuition. 

Once the Soul merge is complete, the ascension process begins to accelerate rapidly.

 The fourth initiation is a major marker point. It is at this initiation that the soul body, which is also esoterically referred to as the causal body, burns up and the Higher Self or soul, which has been your guide through all your incarnations, merges back into the Monad and/or Spirit. The Monad and/or Spirit has also been referred to as the “Mighty I AM Presence” in some schools. From this moment on, Spirit is your guide and teacher, not the soul. The soul was serving as an intermediary teacher until this moment.
The soul body and/or causal body previous to this initiation serves as the repository for all your good karma from all your past lives and your current life. This repository is burned up over a period of time as one moves through towards completion of this initiation.

Fourth Initiation

The fourth initiation according to Alice Bailey is known as the Renunciation or the Crucifixion because, before the initiate can take it they are required on some level to let go of all attachments to the material world. This means the letting go of one’s attachments to fame, fortune, money, power, selfishness, people, family or reputation.  When this happens, will you still be true to your spiritual path?  This is the test itself.

Things are accelerating and from now on your Mighty I Am Presence is your guide, not the soul. Jesus was crucified; Gandhi was shot; Nelson Mandela was thrown into prison for many years. They all sacrificed their lives for their missions.  This is where we are now dedicated to humanity and the liberation of such rather than personal liberation. This is known as the level of the Paramahansa and you may find yourself remembering and you are able to affect your immediate environment simply through the light/energy in your own energy field.  Every thought will have a great affect on those around you.

When the fourth initiation is taken one has become Adept and moves rapidly toward the sixth initiation.  This initiation is very  strenuous, hard, and painful.

After the fourth initiation there is not much left to do.  The domination of the sixth sub-plane goes forward with rapidity, and the matter of the higher sub-planes of the buddhic is co-ordinated.  The initiate is admitted into closer fellowship in the Lodge, and his contact with the devas is more complete.  He is rapidly exhausting the resources of the Hall of Wisdom, and is mastering the most intricate plans and charts.  He becomes adept in the significance of colour and sound, can wield the law in the three worlds, and can contact his Monad with more freedom than the majority of the human race can contact their Egos.  He is in charge, also, of large work, teaching many pupils, aiding in many schemes, and is gathering under him those who are to assist him in future times.  This refers only to those who stay to help humanity on this planet. (Alice A Bailey - Human and Solar)

Dr Joshua David Stone states: Even though in previous teachings we were told that the fourth initiation meant complete liberation from the Wheel of Rebirth, we now know that while this is an important step, initiates continue through the reincarnation process into another body at the close of this one or through the continuation of this life until full ascension is achieved.

Fifth Initiation

The fifth initiation is the beginning stage of “Monadic merger”. This could also be called “Spirit merge”, and/or merging with the “I AM Presence”. We begin to taste the first stages of ascension.

When the individual, the soul and the Monad (I Am Presence) all become one unified Being, then this is what we call ascension.  The fifth initiation merges with the "I Am Presence" or the "Monad".

This is the level one can become known as the perfected Hu-man and the five pointed star can be seen over the head of the initiate.  It is here at the fourth initiation the energy of the egoic group is to be used for the good of planetary evolution.   The force or energy of the planet is now at disposal the disposal of the Adept. 

Other names - Atma or Atmic Self (Higher Self or Collective Soul)

Sixth Initiation

The sixth initiation takes us into the fifth dimension and once one has fully attained this level of initiation they will have attained Christ Consciousness (Alice Bailey). This initiation is the actual ascension experience for which everyone is waiting and working toward.  Previously someone who had passed the sixth initiation would leave their body and resurrect into the spirit world, but now it is more likely that we will ascend (take sixth initiation) and continue serving on Earth to help bring in the “new era/world”.   

Ascension means to merge fully with the Monad or with your "I Am Presence" and each initiation that you take along the way helps to stabilise you at the next higher plane.  Once this initiation has been attained you will have the choice to leave the planet or stay on Earth and serve humanity.  

After you ascend you will basically feel exactly like the same person you were before you ascended. You will just be at a higher octave or plane. You will be carrying more Light, and you will be more connected to Spirit and the Ascended Masters. 

The Seventh Initiation

Joshua David Stone says:  The seventh initiation (Resurrection) is the movement from the Monadic plane of reality, up to the Logoic or seventh plane of reality. Where the sixth initiation deals with merging with the Monad, the seventh initiation deals with greater merger with Sanat Kumara and Shamballa and that the seventh degree initiate is usually one who becomes a teacher on a global level in a very visible way. 

The seventh initiation creates a whole new chakra system with the one unified chakra anchored at the heart.  It is the Cosmic Self (Logoic) and gives the initiate complete liberation from Earthly functions and development of transcending the laws of the physical and is seen as the one who has total commitment to service.  These are the World Teachers and they are seventh degree initiates who belong to the Logos.  The Logos is a group of all the Monads on this planet.   They are the sons and daughters of God that have found their way back to the Father and to Source and that state that is called Shamballa.  This is the highest initiation that can be taken on the Earthly plane and all further initiations are taken on the invisible planes. 

Alice Bailey says this is the level of the emancipated/liberated Buddha.

The Eighth Initiation

Transcending Solar Law. The 8th initiation is one of the most lengthy initiations within Cosmic Ascension. During the process, DNA strands 2 through 8 are connected within the body, and all fear-based programming is relinquished. The ego and negative ego are brought into alignment to serve one's soul purpose on Earth, and duality and polarity are transcended. Two large segments of soul descend to sit within the embodiment, one half way through the initiations as the 5th strand of DNA is connected, and another just prior to the end of the initiation. The ego and negative ego have run the human drama on Earth for over 10,000 years. The ego is the part of us that creates based on personal will, seeks to control everything and everyone, and believes that it is superior and everyone else inferior. The negative ego, in contrast, is the part of us that seeks to destroy or sabotage, relinquishes control to everything and everyone, and believes that it is inferior to everyone else. The human personality, prior to the 6th initiation, is comprised of just the ego and negative ego, and the human dramas are simply a result of the experience of duality or the swinging between these two contrasting parts of the persona.
Following the 6th initiation, another aspect to the initiates persona comes forth known as spirit. Spirit seeks neither to create nor destroy, but to co-create the divine plan with God. Spirit never controls but rather allows everyone their own drama and sees itself as equal to all others. By the end of the 8th initiation, the vast majority of the ego and negative ego are dismantled allowing the new aspect of spirit to govern the majority one's existence. Duality and polarity cause the swings of experiences within the human drama from controlling or victimizing through the patterns of the ego, to that of being controlled or victimized through the patterns of the negative ego, back to controlling and victimizing again via the ego. Polarity also keeps in motion the experience of joy, followed by pain, followed by joy again.
As polarity is transcended, it allows the initiate to move beyond the swings of the ego and negative ego into the experience of the spirit, which is a more consistent state of joy or bliss. It is the pull of the planets within our Astrological system that have been based on fear that keep the swing from ego to negative ego, pain to joy in motion within current human drama. The 8th level initiate transcends their birth chart and the pull of the planets based on fear. This is not to say that the planets do not continue to have an influence over them, but that the influence is based on unconditional love rather than fear. In completing the 8th initiation, the two chakras that sit above the head which represent the ego and negative ego are dismantled and moved to sit on either side of the heart chakra and represent the divine feminine and masculine within. The new inner masculine seeks to create only in resonance with God. The new inner feminine seeks to navigate that which is created such that it is in alignment with the Divine Plan. The final step is a surrender to God, and one attains co-creator status on a Solar level.

According to Joshua David Stone the eighth initiation is Group Soul and has been referred to as the “Great Transition”, and will be taken on the inner plane after leaving the physical world.  The Lower Self and Higher Self completely merge. The first full cycle of ascension is complete, and a new cycle begins, going from the Physical to the Astral level. The Lower Self occupies the foot and the new Higher Self energizes the crown chakra, beginning identification with the Elohim frequencies. Communication here is through telepathy.

Ninth Initiation

According to Joshua David Stone:  The ninth initiation is relating to the Group Monad and has been esoterically called “The Refusal”. It indicates the Master’s last contact with what has been referred to as cosmic evil as it relates to this planet.   This is the level of the “Lord of the World”/“The Ancient of Days”—the governing deity of Earth. Consciousness is so expanded it can understand all life on the planet at once—omniscience. 

Transcending Universal Law. During the 9th initiation, the initiate transcends 7 universal belief systems and the 9th strand of DNA is connected. All karma of a universal nature must be released during this initiation. Two large segments of soul are embraced by the embodiment. The 7 universal belief systems are as follows:
Law 1: The law of the separation from God. As this law is transcended, deeper sense of unity with God prevails. The initiate also attains co-creator status on a Universal Level.
Law 2: The law of energetic balance. It is the law of energetic balance that keeps the swing of the pendulum within the experience of duality in motion. As this is transcended, the initiates life is brought to a deeper level of harmony and balance.
Law 3: The law of karma or indebtedness. As this law is transcended, our sense of owing another to subsist is relinquished.
Law 4: The law of coming and going. It is universal policy that souls can come together for only a certain length of time or incarnation, and then must separate to experience other encounters with other souls. As this is transcended, souls who are destined to come together to complete tasks on Earth can do so without restriction.
Law 5: The law of female inferiority.
Law 6: The law of male superiority. The feminine energies and skills have been devalued, and the masculine energies and skills have been overvalued within our Universe as well as on Planet Earth. As law 5 and 6 are transcended, it allows for more of a balance between the masculine and feminine within.
Law 7: The law of good and evil, light and dark. As this law is transcended, the tendency to see the world in black and white, good and evil, is unified, and a portion of the initiate's dark side embraced.

Tenth Initiation

As taught by Alice Bailey and CW Leadbeater :  The tenth initiation is considered to symbolise perfection and is used to describe the Planetary Logos.

Karin Danlich says the tenth initiation symbolised as The Magician. During the 10th initiation, the 10th strand of DNA is connected, and one attains the state of the Magician. This enables the initiate to transmute energy with a thought from a lower vibration such as pain to a higher vibration such as unconditional love. During the 10th initiation, large segments of soul descend into the body allowing for the unification of the 1st Ray which is red in vibration, 2nd Ray which is blue in vibration, and 3rd Ray which is orange in vibration. That which gives birth to life (1st ray), that which gives structure to life (2nd ray), and that which gives wisdom to life (3rd ray) becomes unified within. Any cosmic karma that has been incurred by the 1st through 3rd ray soul experiences must be cleared to complete this initiation.

Eleventh Initiation

Awakening to Galactic Self  is sometimes called the “Cosmic Astral Transfiguration” and involves the teachings from the University on Sirius according to Alice Bailey, and Karin Danlich says the 11th Initiation called the Sage or Prophet. During the 11th initiation, the 11th strand of DNA is connected, and one attains the state of the Sage or Prophet. This enables the initiate see and know their own soul path more clearly. During the process, large segments of soul descend allowing the unification of the 4th ray which is green in vibration, 5th ray which is fuchsia in color, and the 6th ray which is yellow in vibration. That which gives harmony to life (4th ray), that which gives passion or creativity to life (5th ray) and that which gives vision to life (6th ray) becomes unified within. Any cosmic karma that has been incurred by the 4th through 6th ray soul experiences must be cleared to complete this initiation.

Twelfth Initiation

Joshua David Stone calls Universal Self (Zohar Body), sometimes called the “Cosmic Astral Crucifixion,” here the energy purifies the planet and creates integration for the benefit of the universe. The Avatar of Synthesis is here (although some say at the 17th level of initiation).
Spiritual growth goes on far beyond planetary ascension. There is solar ascension, galactic ascension, universal, and multi-universal ascension, followed by cosmic levels of initiation. Some say that there are 352 levels of initiation back to the Godhead, while others believe that the number of levels of initiation ultimately depends on the physical size of the Cosmos, in which case there could be even thousands of levels of initiation.

Karin Danlich says of the 12th Initiation: Cosmic Ascended Master or Attaining the State of the Christ. During the 12th initiation, the 12th strand of DNA is connected and the initiate embodies the frequency of unconditional love. During the process, another large segment of soul descends from the 7th ray which is violet in color. That which gives knowledge to life (7th ray) is unified within and with all of the other rays allowing for the vibration of the 8th ray which is magenta in color and allows the initiate to embody unconditional love. Any cosmic karma incurred by the 7th ray soul experiences must be cleared to complete this initiation. When complete, one attains co-creator status on a Cosmic level.
Due to the vast amount of soul that has been embodied, the auric field of one who has become "Christed" will cover one half of the United States in size.

Further Initiations

The process of initiation goes on forever in the invisible realms as we can clearly see when we work with the LUXOR Light Ascension program.  The Alice Bailey writings say that the seventh initiation is the last initiation that can be taken while in this planetary incarnation and that all other initiations take place after leaving the physical body. 

At the time of welcoming the LUXOR Light frequency and watching how rapidly initiates were able to move through to touch these higher initiations I could not find information regarding higher levels and had to Trust my own guidance as we steadily climbed higher.  In recent research I have discovered that Dr Joshua David Stone began to discover around 2004 that the initiations were going much higher.  It was 2004 that I birthed the frequency of LUXOR Light and most definitely we were activating rapidly by the end of 2004 to at least the 25th initiation and in some cases much higher albeit on the subtle realms.  By the end of 2005 LUXOR Light initiates were already reaching the Subtle Realms of the Infinite.  It has to be said that reaching is not the same as staying.  Staying at any level requires work and commitment and dedication to the path.  You cannot earn your ascension by simply thinking you are there, you must do it and do it as many times as it takes.  Having said this and while watching the process of initiation with many of my students, I also can clearly state that when one has surpassed many of these initiations they then have to anchor that accomplishment here in the physical world.  That appears to be another challenge that we are quite possibly not quite ready for but having accomplished them on the subtle realms it then becomes a matter of greater mastery to make it manifest on Earth.  This is not an easy task, but neither should it be because we are talking Mastery and to tackle the challenges and tests of Mastery one should be well prepared for the requirements that asks.

In this time of our evolutionary status on this planet when every human has the opportunity to become the perfected Hue-man and become a Christed Being, there are many souls who are ready and willing on all levels to do the work it requires to get there.  If you are such a Being who has something stirring within you to work all the way into your Mastery, receiving the initiations into LUXOR Light and knowing how to maintain them will assist you in reaching the Highest possible potential you have.  We are all God particles and if you can feel the Truth in what I say, contact myself or another facilitator of LUXOR Light and begin the journey of Mastery with LUXOR Light and become an active initiate of ascension.

ChristinA Ritchie is the Founder and Guardian of the LUXOR Light Ascension Frequency which was birthed through her by spontaneous activation that began on 3 March 2004 on her 44th birthday.  You can contact ChristinA by email on

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