Friday, 6 September 2013

Soul Signature

LUXOR Light will take you to your Mastery if you wish to surrender to the energy and continue working with this pure frequency of Christ Consciousness. It will allow you to see your potential and offer you the vehicle in which to travel in order to step fully into your Soul Purpose.

LUXOR Light is a Soul signature and when you meet others who carry this frequency you will recognise them by their light and by their energy. LUXOR Light fine tunes your spiritual gifts of vision, healing, clairaudience etc and opens you to the Higher Mind where you can begin to commune with the Angels in their own language.

LUXOR Light strips away the ego centred self and allows you to move gently into your true spiritual essence where we all ultimately wish to reside.

While LUXOR Light is primarily an ascension vehicle, it is also a very powerful healing medium. Those who complete all levels and have anchored the energy as a frequency modulator are offered the opportunity to learn the techniques of becoming a LUXOR Light Healing practitioner. However, all those who embrace the energy as a LUXOR Light frequency modulator will naturally be sharing the frequency with others in whatever work they are already doing. When someone comes into the field of a LUXOR Light frequency modulator their natural progression is that their energy begins to assist others in the space to begin a shift in consciousness.

There are LUXOR Light facilitators in the UK and Australia or online participants can take part anywhere in the world.

Visit for more information and contact ChristinA to begin your pathway with LUXOR Light

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